Entertainment Celebrity Ryder, Reeves may have been married for 26 years

Ryder, Reeves may have been married for 26 years

Winona Ryder Keanu Reeves
Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves at a Destination Wedding photo call in Beverly Hills on August 18. Photo: Getty
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Only in Hollywood!

Stranger Things actress Winona Ryder claims she and The Matrix star Keanu Reeves have been married for 26 years.

“We actually got married in Dracula,”  Ryder, 46, told Entertainment Weekly.

“No, I swear to God, I think we’re married in real life.”

In the Francis Ford Coppola imagining of Bram Stoker’s vampire novel, two-time Oscar nominee Ryder plays Mina Murray, fiancee of Reeves’ character Jonathan Harker.

She explained that when the pair married in reel life, Coppola “used a real Romanian priest” to officiate at the wedding.

The service was filmed from beginning to end.

“We shot the master and [the priest] did the whole thing. So I think we’re married,” Ryder said.

Winona Keanu 1989
Ryder and Reeves at the March 1989 Independent Spirit Awards. Photo: Getty

While her memory was crystal clear of the special big day, her groom didn’t remember it quite as well.

Ryder prompted him: “Don’t you remember that? It was Valentine’s Day.”

Reeves, 53, eventually conceded she could have a point: “Oh my gosh, we’re married.”

The star seemed quite happy mixing business and pleasure with his could-be wife. “Winona is a lovely person and a talented actress,” he previously told People.

“I think we make a good couple.”

It’s unclear if a Romanian wedding ceremony is legally binding in the US, where both stars live.

Still, “It’s nice to imagine a world where two ’90s icons found love and kept their marriage intact for a quarter century,” entertainment website Vulture said.

The revelation came – handily enough – while the pair were doing publicity duties for their upcoming romcom Destination Wedding.

The plot sees their characters meet en route to a destination wedding neither of them is enthusiastic about. But over the weekend, they start to fall for each other.

“I liked that it’s a two-hander,” said Reeves of the movie.

“We did something like five eight-minute scenes, which you don’t often get a chance to do in films.”

Reeves and Ryder have also co-started in 2006’s A Scanner Darkly and 2009’s The Private Lives of Pippa Lee.

Neither has ever been married – to anyone else, at least.

Ryder, who has been in a relationship with fashion designer Scott Mackinlay Hahn, 38, since 2011, dated Matt Damon for three years from 1997.

She has also been romantically linked with Dave Grohl, Val Kilmer, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Noth and Beck Hansen.

Reeves, meanwhile, has always kept his private life super private, although various celebrity sites claim he dated model and actress Jamie Clayton in 2015 and has stepped out with Charlize Theron and Cameron Diaz.