Entertainment Celebrity Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams reflects on eight seasons’ life-changing journey

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams reflects on eight seasons’ life-changing journey

Maisie Williams at 65th Berlinale International Film Festival in Berlin. Photo: Getty
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From leaving school at 14 to pursue an acting career to accumulating a million dollar net worth at 21, Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams has revealed she is prepared to see the show come to an end.

Speaking to The Australian after finishing her work on the eighth and final season of the hit television series, Williams says viewers “are gonna like it”.

In farewell of her character Arya, Williams, has reflected on her life-changing journey and her plans post-Thrones.

‘Nicest girl’

Williams recalled confronting “lots of really scary girls and really scary mums” at her first audition for Game of Thrones.

But she immediately connected with fellow auditioner Sophie Turner, who went on to plays Arya’s onscreen sister Sansa.

“She was just the nicest girl ever. To find out we were going to be shooting together put me at ease, just knowing I already had a friend.”

Turner will be a bridesmaid in Williams’s wedding to American singer and actor Joe Jonas.

Actors Sophie Turner (L) and Maisie Williams at SXSW Conference at Austin in 2017. Photo: Getty

‘It’s going to be OK’

Williams’ mother quit her job as a university course administrator and became her daughter’s  personal assistant soon after she secured the role of Anya at 12 years of age.

Williams said she struggled at school and was forced to leave due to insufficient attendance.

“Lots of people had not-very-nice things to say about me, and no one here had really heard of the show,” she said.

Williams later ventured on her first press tour and was met with “hundreds, maybe thousands” of Game of Thrones fans.

“It was a moment when my mum and I realised how big the show was and that this was my career now, and I was like, ‘We made the right choice. It’s all going to work out; it’s going to be OK.’”

Williams’ net worth at 21 is estimated to be $6 million, according to wealthynetworth.com. Williams has reportedly received $200,000 per episode.

‘Quite ­embarrassing and awkward’

Both Williams and Turner’s mothers were originally adamant their teen daughters would not watch the show’s graphic depictions of sex and violence.

The pair’s mothers at one point considered trying to discourage their daughters from taking part in a read-through of a scene featuring two girls “going at it”.

“The sex was just quite ­embarrassing and awkward for us,” Williams said.

Maisie Williams as Arya cuts to the chase in an early season of Game of Thrones.

“Most of the gory stuff I was part of, and it’s not scary when you’re there shooting it. No one’s really getting their face ripped off. So it’s quite exciting really.”

It was not long before both mothers gave in to their daughters’ piqued interests.

Williams recalled watching many episodes with her grandmother.

“Bless her, my mum just plies her with more and more gin.”

‘Only ever been inspired’

Williams has denounced criticisms the fantasy TV show is misogynistic.

“I’ve never, ever felt like this is a misogynistic show,” she said. “The best and most powerful characters are all women.

“I’ve only ever been inspired by the women, and how they gain power and control and take their destinies into their own hands.”

‘Life after the show’

When she’s not filming, Williams spends her free time cooking, playing pranks on her roommate, watching The Bachelor and practising yoga.

“I’ve been thinking a lot lately about before the show and how normal it was, and how I’m going to have a normal — well, maybe not completely normal — but I’m going to have a life after the show,” she said.

Williams will continue acting but her first project is to invest in Daisie, a social media app aimed at connecting “creators” with “filmmakers, writers, readers, listeners and speakers, poets, dancers, singers, chefs, entrepreneurs, developers and architects”.

“I believe in this. We’ve got something really special that will benefit a lot of people my age.”

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