Entertainment Celebrity ‘I mistakenly thought she would date me’: Ivanka Trump fondled by Andy Dick in old video

‘I mistakenly thought she would date me’: Ivanka Trump fondled by Andy Dick in old video

Andy DIck Ivanka Trump
Andy Dick rubs Ivanka Trump's leg on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2007. Photo: YouTube
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A confronting video of comedian Andy Dick fondling Ivanka Trump emerged online on Wednesday (US time), days after Dick was charged for allegedly groping a woman on a Los Angeles street.

Ivanka has stayed silent on the subject while the old footage has made headlines, with her tweets for the day dedicated to Fourth of July commemorations.

The 11-year-old video shows Dick and Ivanka sitting together on a couch on a 2007 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

After checking her out, Dick ran his hand up and down the future first daughter’s crossed bare legs as she was talking business strategies.

“You don’t play up the glitter on your legs?” Dick asked.

Laughing, Ivanka, then 25, shoved his hand off: “Oh wait? Did I say I was single? I thought I had a boyfriend.”

Kimmel rose from his seat to help her by removing Dick’s hand.

“Andy, please don’t. Donald Trump will kill both of us,” Kimmel told the actor before Dick was dragged off the stage by a security member and Kimmel.

At the time, Dick was “a little out of it”, Kimmel later explained to Extra, joking about how the comedian was kicked off the ABC show’s set.

“[Ivanka] came out … he wanted a big, wet kiss,” said Kimmel.

“It was time for Andy to go, so I escorted him out by his feet.

“He’s Andy. He’s not upset. He’s not apologetic. He’s just nutty. He always makes me a little uncomfortable. You have no idea what he’s going to do next.”

Dick, 52, addressed the incident on social media in December, saying he misjudged Ivanka’s interest in him.

“Her legs were sparkling, and I was trying to see if the glitter would wipe off,” he wrote.

“I also mistakenly thought she would date me … no joke. Confusing times.”

Dick is scheduled to be arraigned on July 18 on sexual battery and battery charges in Los Angeles.

The charges come in relation to Dick allegedly squeezing the stranger’s butt twice and making lewd comments to her in April, TMZ reported.

This isn’t the first time that Dick has been accused of inappropriate sexual behaviour. Sources told The Hollywood Reporter last October  that the actor groped, kissed and licked people’s cheeks, as well as made sexual proposals on the set of Raising Buchanan.

Dick was let go from the movie. He denied allegations of sexual harassment but said licking people “is my thing”.

In October 2010 the comedian flashed at a Los Angeles coffee house, according to RadarOnline.

According to other reports, he has been arrested and sued for several groping accusations, including a 2010 incident involving a bouncer and patron at a West Virginia bar.

“I don’t grope people anymore. I don’t expose myself anymore,” he told The Hollywood Reporter last year.

“I do understand that the temperature in the world right now is delicate.”

The uncomfortable video marked the second time Ivanka has made headlines this week.

On July 3, comedian Michelle Wolf – who was criticised for her jokes about Sarah Huckabee Sanders at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner – compared her to a sexually transmitted illness.

On her Netflix show The Break, Wolf, 33, pretended to address Ivanka, 36.

“Is your nickname ‘herpes’?” she said.

“Because you’re not necessarily the most dangerous person in the administration but you’re very unpleasant, totally incurable.”