Entertainment Celebrity Thomas Markle blasts Queen for snubbing him in favour of Trump

Thomas Markle blasts Queen for snubbing him in favour of Trump

Thomas Markle
Thomas Markle is angry at the Queen for agreeing to meet with Donald Trump—but not him. Photo: Twitter
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Meghan Markle’s father has slammed the Queen for refusing to meet him while choosing to see “arrogant and insensitive” Donald Trump instead.

Thomas Markle complained to the TMZ website that the royal family has put him in the “penalty box” after his frank interview with Good Morning Britain last week.

He said even his daughter, the Duchess of Sussex, has given him the cold shoulder since he chose to speak out and that he is especially annoyed the Queen will meet the US president before him.

“If the Queen is willing to meet our arrogant and insensitive president she has no excuse not to meet me,” Markle told TMZwith which has previously confided. “I’m nowhere near as bad.”

Markle’s frustration comes after he told Good Morning Britain of Meghan’s long-standing wish to have children, and revealed how he warned Prince Harry never to hit his daughter.

Asked whether a “stork” had visited the palace yet, Markle last week said Meghan has “wanted children for a long time. There’s got to be a child in the making there soon”.

And on Harry’s private call to ask for his future father-in-law’s blessing?

“I said to him, ‘You’re a gentleman, promise me you’ll never raise your hand against my daughter’ and I gave my permission,” he added.

Apparently unaware that strict protocol dictates royals never take a public political stance, Mr Markle also claimed he and Harry discussed politics in a string of “interesting conversations” by phone.

He claimed Harry once told him to “give Donald Trump a chance”.

“I sort of disagreed with that, but I still like Harry. That was his politics,” Mr Markle told Good Morning Britain.

He also said he was not “wowed” by his daughter’s new husband and that Meghan cried when when he changed his mind several times about his attendance at the royal wedding before being admitted to hospital with heart problems for a second time.

The Queen is expected to meet Mr Trump next month when the US President makes an his first official visit to the UK.

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