Entertainment Celebrity First headshot day: Celebrities share their baby-faced portraits

First headshot day: Celebrities share their baby-faced portraits

Ten points to whoever can identify this handsome fellow... Photo: Instagram
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Everyone has to start somewhere, and a host of Hollywood bigwigs have proven they too were once awkward, unknown teenagers by sharing their pre-fame headshots.

As part of a social media movement, the hashtag #FirstHeadshotDay was trending on Saturday and Sunday, prompting some of Hollywood’s biggest names to take to Twitter and Instagram with candid photos from their early days.

Here are some of the highlights – or lowlights, depending on the amount of hairspray involved.

Alec Baldwin poked fun at himself in his retro look, writing: This was the 80’s. Not the 1880’s. The 1980’s.”  Photo: Instagram/Getty
“I’m REALLY glad this picture of me wearing a baker’s hat exists!” Harry Potter star Emma Watson wrote of this throwback snap.  Photo: Instagram/Getty
While her early headshot describes her height as four-foot-eleven, Reese Witherspoon wrote on Instagram: “Just for clarification, I’m currently a much more impressive 5’2.”  Photo: Instagram/Getty
“Just going to leave this here,” Jessica Biel wrote of her black-and-white, scrunchie-focussed snapshot.  Photo: Instagram/Getty
This old headshot of Matthew McConaughey wasn’t shared by Matt himself, but by fellow actor David Arquette. You might have missed the point, David. Photo: Instagram/AAP
Actress Kristen Bell described this photo as her “attempt at attitude”.  Photo: Instagram/Getty
“#SassyEvenAtThisAge,” Australian actress Isla Fisher said of her stony-faced portrait.  Photo: Instagram/Getty
“Yo… The Single Earring was the TRUTH!” Will Smith joked of his Fresh Prince heyday pic. Photo: Instagram/AAP
Modern Family star Sarah Hyland pointed out that she bears a striking resemblance to Prince George in this very early headshot.  Photo: Instagram/Getty
Comedian Melissa McCarthy had a hilarious caption for her two very different headshots: “If you can’t handle my scowling headshot you don’t deserve my tiny cowboy hat headshot.”  Photo: Instagram/Getty
“Thank you to the person who made sure that one strand of hair was perfectly out of place,” Gerard Butler wrote of his dashing image. Photo: Instagram/AAP
Penelope Cruz, who just turned 44, shared this photo of herself at 15, earning herself over 200,000 likes.  Photo: Instagram/Getty
Bryce Dallas Howard, star of Jurassic World, looks as though she hasn’t aged a day since this photo of her at 20.  Photo: Instagram/Getty
Ben Stiller joked this youthful shot was a “cry for help”. “Special skills: juggling, scuba diving, tap dancing and drums. Commercials on request,” he added. Photo: Instagram/Getty
Sarah Michelle Gellar argued the fact her headshots were all in black and white was evidence they were truly old. Photo: Instagram/Getty

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