Entertainment Celebrity Goat’s milk and grapefruits: Miranda Kerr’s life-changing health tips

Goat’s milk and grapefruits: Miranda Kerr’s life-changing health tips

Miranda Kerr
"I love food," shares Miranda Kerr, delighted at whipping up a green salad for lunch. Photo: YouTube
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In an entirely unselfish move, model Miranda Kerr has shared her pregnancy fitness and food plan with the world, taking us inside her ‘Little Black Book of Wellness.’

For those who by a fortunate coincidence are expecting a billionaire’s child at the same time as Miranda, this nine-minute video will be a gold mine of tips and tricks, such as “stand back when you grill chicken”.

But those not in a blessed state need not miss out. Miranda’s wisdom – in the manner of other local purveyors of inspirational insights like Kyly Clarke – translates to everyone who can squeeze a lemon and drop by the supermarket.

Don’t have time just now to absorb lessons about the benefits of eating an entire avocado a day? Here’s a quick armchair guide.

The video, part of a series made with Harper’s Bazaar and released on January 25, starts with Ms Kerr, 34, clothed in an all-white outfit and doing yoga on the deck of her Malibu home.

Bun covers are the new black, as worn by Miranda’s yoga instructor (left). Photo: YouTube

“I really feel that exercise is so important in my, like, day to day life because it really makes me feel better,” she says, flashing her trademark dimples. Maybe write that down.

Because she’s “quite known for multi-tasking”, Miranda then does Pilates with a face mask on, twirls a flower in front of her face while looking pensive and writes in her actual little black book, which has year eight geography-project-style headings with little squiggles around them.

Next up, Miranda is in her kitchen armed with a stack of bronze eyeshadow and a knife.

“One of the first things I like to do in the morning is having a grapefruit,” she says, which is a happy thing, but this next bit is sad, so if you’re feeling emotional perhaps skip it.

“This little guy has been one of my best friends,” says Miranda, sniffing it intensely. What sort of world is it when Miranda Kerr’s BFF is a grapefruit?

She claims the mere scent of the citrus fruit can cure morning sickness. Someone better tell Kate Middleton.

How many grapefruits can one woman sniff? Photo: YouTube

There’s some terrific footage of Miranda smearing ghee on gluten free toast and analyzing yummy things in a jar – “Omega fats, Vitamin K” – which takes nutritional advice to the next level.

Nourished, she raves about noni juice, which, “you know, helped me so much in my life,” and does more yoga in a faintly cultish white knit and leggings with an instructor also wearing head-to-toe white, including a bun cover.

After ticking off ‘kundalini yoga’ on her ‘nourish your body’ checklist, Miranda goes shopping at the supermarket, where she sniffs more fruit, loses it over kale chips and goes into a fugue state checking the organic credential of radishes.

Miranda Kerr list
Tick! Miranda’s actual to-do list. Photo: YouTube

She also sniffs several more grapefruits, before introducing us to one of her fridge staples.

“I really love goat milk,” says Miranda, who has a scientific basis for her predilection. “Cows have multiple stomachs and goats only have one so you can absorb the calcium a lot better.”

For Miranda, schlepping to the supermarket is a red letter occasion, which she has loved since she was a little girl. “Going grocery shopping to me is, like, so much fun,” she says, which is a good thing because by the time she leaves, it’s pitch black outside.

I won’t spoil all of it for you, because like Miranda’s interview with Bruno Mars in 2012 (well worth a look on YouTube) there’s a lot to take in and learn from.

Not least her tip while pounding a chicken breast flat for lunch: “Careful of your fingers.” Namaste.

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