Entertainment Celebrity Margot Robbie: ‘I found a human foot on a beach’

Margot Robbie: ‘I found a human foot on a beach’

Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie seems to have recovered from her harrowing experience. Photo: Getty
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Margot Robbie has shared a disturbing story about a gruesome discovery she made on a Nicaraguan beach.

The 27-year-old was taking part in a Hollywood Reporter roundtable earlier this month when she revealed she once stumbled upon a severed human foot.

“I recently did a film, and the director asked if everyone could write down the craziest thing that has happened to them in their lives … and you had to guess whose story matched up with who,” Robbie explained.

“Someone had been engaged to the princess of Zanzibar. Someone else had been in a plane crash where only 10 people survived.

“I once found — and no one guessed that this was me — I found a human foot on the beach in Nicaragua.”

While her fellow roundtable guests – Bryan Cranston, Diane Kruger, Octavia Spencer, Robert Pattinson, and Armie Hammer – were stunned by the revelation, Robbie herself seemed unfazed.

“Oh, wow, death!” Spencer exclaimed in response to the macabre story.

“Just the bones?” queried Kruger, while Cranston joked Robbie uses the foot “as a doorstop”.

“Just a little souvenir,” Robbie laughed.

The Gold Coast-born star visited the Central American country in 2014 when she took part in a surf school in San Juan del Sur with a friend.

Sunset surf in San Juan del Sur

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Robbie’s interview antics have been grabbing attention in recent days, following another panel discussion she had with The Los Angeles Times last week.

Robbie was sitting next to actress Kate Winslet when the latter began praising director Woody Allen, who has denied accusations of sexual assault made against him by his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow.

As Winslet spoke about Allen, Robbie’s facial expression remained impassive, with many suggesting she was silently voicing her disapproval of Winslet’s gushing praise.

But as Robbie’s star continues to rise overseas, she recently spoke about missing her hometown, despite laying down roots in the US.

Robbie and her husband, director Tom Ackerley, bought a house together in Los Angeles this year, and the star said she hadn’t returned home since getting married in Byron Bay in December 2016.

“It’s the longest I have ever gone being away from home, and it’s killing me,” Robbie told Stellar magazine this month.

“[I miss] everything, from something as trivial as good coffee or hearing a certain bird.

“Like, I miss Burger Rings, I miss Nutri-Grain! I can’t wait to go back.”

Thankfully, after a busy stint promoting her new film I, Tonya, Robbie recently arrived back in Australia to celebrate a friend’s hen’s weekend in Byron Bay.

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