Entertainment Celebrity Jim Carrey derails red carpet interview with bizarre rant

Jim Carrey derails red carpet interview with bizarre rant

Jim Carrey is interviewed by Catt Sadler on the Bazaar's ICONS New York Fashion Week red carpet
Jim Carrey's responses drew some comical reactions from E! News interviewer Catt Sadler. Photo: Facebook
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Jim Carrey may have kept a low profile since the untimely death of his ex-girlfriend, but the comedian-turned-painter was anything but subdued in his most recent public appearance.

Sporting a highly glamorous jacket and a freshly-shaved face, the celebrated actor decided Harper’s Bazaar’s ICONS event was the perfect opportunity to dive into a disjointed rant on how “meaningless” life is.

After circling interviewer Catt Sadler a few times at the New York Fashion Week event, Carrey announced “there’s no meaning to any of this”.

“‘Celebrating icons!’ That is just the lowest aiming … possibility that we could come up with.”

Sadler was clearly taken aback by the first response from Carrey who quickly took control of the exchange as she struggled to receive a relevant answer to her questions.

“I believe that we’re a field of energy dancing for itself and … I don’t care.”

A concerned Sadler repeatedly tried to divert the conversation back to Carrey’s fresh, dapper appearance but he quickly insisted that his corporeal form wasn’t even on the red carpet at all.

“There is no me. There is just things happening and there is clusters of tetrahedrons moving around together.”

“We don’t matter, that’s the good news,” he declared before grabbing a stunned Sadler’s shoulders from behind and walking off.

Much like many of his public declarations in recent years, Carrey’s rant drew mixed responses.

Jim Carrey’s recent controversies

Carrey has mostly stayed out of the public eye since allegations emerged he provided the drugs that resulted in the suicide of his ex-girlfriend Cathriona White.

He is likely to front court in April next year over his alleged involvement in White’s death.

Recently, his only major appearances have been in the self-released short documentary about his art, I Needed Color, and an emotional stage cameo in Michael Moore’s broadway show The Terms of My Surrender.

In the candid on-stage interview with Moore, Carrey reportedly touted the “virtue in hopelessness”, echoing his recent red carpet nihilism with the declaration: “You don’t have to worry about what’s coming … from 3000 feet up [915 metres], we don’t matter.”

Their discussion quickly shifted to US President Donald Trump – a common topic in Carrey’s art and in his Twitter feed.

“They say that the best trick the devil ever did was convincing people he didn’t exist,” said Carrey.

“But I think the best trick was convincing 40 per cent of this country that this truffle pig who spends half of his presidency gargling caviar behind the wheel of a golf cart isn’t the elite.

“He has a golden f—ing apartment. It’s just incredible.”

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