Entertainment Celebrity Nicole Kidman: it’s no laughing matter Hollywood won’t let me do comedy

Nicole Kidman: it’s no laughing matter Hollywood won’t let me do comedy

Kidman wears a smile - and she'd love to make audiences grin as well, if only producers would give her the chance. Photo: PA/Dominic Lipinski
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Pratfalls, gags, or dry wit, Nicole Kidman says she’d love to give them a shot.
The Oscar-winner says she never gets offered comedic roles and she’d like to change that.

“They always say I’m not funny,” said Kidman on Saturday at a panel for TV critics to talk about her upcoming role in the second instalment of SundanceTV’s Top of the Lake.

The 50-year-old actress said she’s at a point in her life where she’s eager to try anything and isn’t worried about failure.

“I’m willing to fall on my face, I’m willing to get back up again. I want to keep trying.” she said.

She also added that she’s learning about comedy from nine-year-old daughter Sunday Rose with her husband Keith Urban, whom she’s “sure has Lucille Ball in her”.

Speaking to a group of reporters after the panel, Kidman said she grew up watching comedies like I Love Lucy and her father was a fan of the satirical Mad Magazine.

“The thing that makes me close to people is laughing with them, I love it,” she added.

Top of the Lake: China Girl, which is set in Sydney, debuts in the US in a three-night event beginning on September 10 on SundanceTV.

Kidman plays the adoptive mother to the daughter Elisabeth Moss’ character gave away for adoption as a young mother.