Entertainment Celebrity ‘Actively dying’: Samuel Johnson’s heartbreaking post about sister Connie

‘Actively dying’: Samuel Johnson’s heartbreaking post about sister Connie

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"I'm proud to walk you to the hardest part of the road. The end," wrote Samuel Johnson to sister Connie. Photo: Instagram
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Gold Logie winner Samuel Johnson has indicated his sister Connie’s battle against breast and liver cancer may be coming to an end with an emotional message to his fans and supporters.

The actor posted an update to the Facebook page for Connie’s fundraising effort Love Your Sister on Monday saying his sister had entered a hospice after deciding to end treatment.

Connie, who is mother to two sons, was first diagnosed with bone cancer at age 11 and has been battling various forms of the illness on and off since then.

“Con’s needed a lot of quiet time lately to try and comprehend the total headf***ery that ‘actively dying’ brings,” Johnson wrote alongside a photo of a lake at sunset.

“She just rang from the Hospice (her view pictured) and admitted that this is the most difficult thing she’s ever had to face, but in true Connie style she’s been colouring in to keep the nasty thoughts at bay!

“She said to tell you that there’s life in the old dog yet.”

Johnson, 38, said his sister, 40, was “as comfortable as can be”.

In February 2016 the Molly star announced he was quitting acting until he was able to raise $10 million for cancer research.

After claiming Gold at this year’s Logies, he reiterated that promise.

“I’ve made a promise to 380,000 people that I would not stop until we got to the $10 million. So until then, I’m not taking calls,” he said in response to a question about whether he was considering any acting roles.

Johnson has had his fair share of heartbreak in life and recently opened up about his former girlfriend Lainie’s suicide in 2006.

“I lost the love of my life,” he told ABC host Anh Do.

“You know how they reckon that you come to terms with your grief as you go along? Not with this one.

“With every year it gets more profound, my sadness grows.”