Entertainment Celebrity Guy Sebastian reveals his incredible body transformation

Guy Sebastian reveals his incredible body transformation

guy sebastian
Before and after: Guy Sebastian in his Australian Idol days (left) and now. Photo: AAP/Instagram
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Guy Sebastian has stunned his fans by showing off his newly chiselled torso in a photo shoot for Men’s Health magazine.

Posing alongside his wife of nine years, Jules Sebastian, the former Australian Idol winner revealed a slender frame thanks to a strict exercise and diet overhaul.

The 35-year-old said his new regime had freed him from “years of hip and back pain” and left him feeling “functionally fit and strong”.

Guy and Jules worked with a nutrition coach and trainer to “shred” in the lead-up to the magazine shoot.

The pair shared the fruits of their labour on Instagram, attracting hundreds of shocked comments.

“Geezus buddy looking ripped to shreds,” former AFL player Brodie Holland remarked.

Jules gave her husband a shoutout on her own Instagram page, saying she was “insanely proud of my super hot hubby”.

The Sebastians got svelte by eating fresh, organic food and training for one hour, five days a week, with trainers Emilie Brabon-Hames and her husband, Chief Brabon.

“The best description of Guy’s body before starting the program was that he had a typical dad bod,” Brabon told The New Daily of Sebastian, who is father to two boys.

“He wasn’t fat by any means but there was no muscle definition.”

Brabon said the impressive results are the result of an eight-week program designed to promote an entire lifestyle change, rather than just an aesthetic one.

“I think the final result will amaze people because Guy has never been photographed with his shirt off before,” Brabon explained.

“When I first met him I tried looking for photos online but you just won’t find them because it’s never been a part of his image.”

Brabon-Hames, who also acted as the couple’s nutrition coach throughout the program, said Jules and Guy supported each other through the entire eight-week stint.

“It’s rare to come across two people so completely committed to supporting each other,” she said. “The epitome of true love and strength.”

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