Entertainment Celebrity Celebrity yachtsman Anthony Bell succeeds in bid to have AVO overturned

Celebrity yachtsman Anthony Bell succeeds in bid to have AVO overturned

Kelly Landry keeps her thoughts to herself leaving court in Sydney after her AVO against husband Anthony Bell was overturned. Photo: AAP/Joel Carrett
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Sydney-Hobart winning skipper and celebrity accountant Anthony Bell says he’s pleased “justice has prevailed” after a Sydney magistrate dismissed an apprehended violence order application against the champion skipper and celebrity accountant.

Magistrate Robert Williams on Thursday found Bell did intimidate his wife Kelly Landry during an argument at their Watsons Bay home last year, describing an audio recording of the fight as “disturbing” and “chilling”.

The court found the November, 2016, fight occurred as Landry described, with her hand and a child’s head hitting a wall while Bell wrestled her for her phone.

“The cry from (Landry) and what both parties agree is the sound of the child’s head hitting the wall can’t easily be forgotten,” he said.

“They were both chilling sounds.”

But the magistrate said he didn’t see an opportunity for further incidents following Bell and Landry’s separation and he wasn’t satisfied an AVO would be appropriate.

“Having said that I consider the application was properly brought by police following the findings of what occurred,” Mr Williams said.

Police applied for the AVO on Landry’s behalf in January after the couple separated.

The Downing Centre Local Court heard allegations earlier this month that Bell physically abused her on two occasions: in February 2012 and November 2016.

Mr Williams decided on Thursday there wasn’t enough conclusive evidence about what happened in 2012. Landry told police after the incident there had been a misunderstanding.

Bell told reporters as he left the court that his family had been through a harrowing experience and it was a relief to have a result.

“I’m pleased that justice has prevailed, I’m very much looking forward to getting on with my life, my kids’ life and my family’s life,” he said.

Landry looked straight ahead and made no comment.