Entertainment Celebrity Melissa George alleges partner says breastfeeding will ‘destroy’ their son

Melissa George alleges partner says breastfeeding will ‘destroy’ their son

Melissa George
Melissa George has spoken for the first time since her Sunday Night interview. Photo: Channel Seven
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Australian actor Melissa George has broken down in an Australian radio interview revealing her former partner has warned her to stop breastfeeding her young son.

Speaking to KIIS 1065’s The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Monday morning — her first public appearance since an emotional Sunday Night interview earlier this month — George, 40, detailed the alleged emotional and physical abuse at the hands of the father of her children, French millionaire entrepreneur, Jean-David Blanc.

George, 40, read out the offending text message in which she claims Mr Blanc said she would “destroy” their 10-month-old son, Solal, if she didn’t stop breast-feeding him.

“I just received a text message from my children’s father which said: ‘As I told you, and tried to explain to you, you must stop breastfeeding my son, Solal, otherwise you will destroy him’,” George recounted.

“‘He wakes up in the middle of the night asking for breast, and not for milk what do you want me to do — unless you put your boobs in a bag, I don’t see any other solution’,” she went on.

George, who lives in Paris where she shares a 50/50 custody arrangement of her two boys, then broke down.

“I don’t care. You can take my country, you can take my career, you can take whatever you want, but when you take a breastfeeding child from its mother, and you make fun of the mother … this is cruelty.”

George said she went to police to enlist some support and showed them the text message, but their response, she claimed, was indifference.

“‘He’s 10 months old,’ he said. ‘He is a bit old (to be breastfed) don’t you think?'”

In her Sunday Night interview, The former Home and Away star alleged Mr Blanc has assaulted her in late September 2016, after waking her in the middle of the night.

“I wet the bed, I wet the floor. I just went into a crazy moment of like, I’m in deep shit and so I just started to fight for myself, which made him more angry, which made me more angry,” George told the show.

melissa George allegations of abuse
Melissa George and Jean-David Blanc in April 2016. Photo: Getty.

“He pushed me into the door and then struck my face and I hit the wall and I fell on the floor, and I was just out. He stood over me and said ‘now you are a real actress’.

“He went into the bathroom and when he came out I threw up and said you are not leaving until I call the police. Then he hit my mouth.

“Then after all that, he grabbed my head and smashed it into the metal thing where you hang the coats.

“I scratched him, I tried to fight for my life.”

Mr Blanc has denied the incident and in an earlier statement via his lawyer said that the court’s awarding of a 50/50 custody arrangement was “based on very long and various social worker’s investigations, as well as psychological examinations”.

George, told the Kyle and Jackie O Show that Mr Blanc had told a French court that she suffered a mental illness, to which she has a sardonic and wry response.

“”That’s so typical’, I said to the judge, ‘it appears that anyone with a uterus has a mental illness’.”

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