Entertainment Celebrity Video: Taylor Swift’s professional lookalike spills her secrets

Video: Taylor Swift’s professional lookalike spills her secrets

What's it like to be a professional doppelganger? Allow Olivia Claire to explain. Video: The New Daily
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Twenty-year-old model Olivia Sturgiss, who goes by the stage name Olivia Claire, from Wollongong in NSW, is the spitting image of pop music idol Taylor Swift.

Sharing Taylor’s exact measurements and picture-perfect red pout, Olivia has been able to start building a lucrative career posing as the beloved pop icon in advertisements and skits for television and radio stations.

With 47,300 followers on Instagram and campaigns for Sara Lee and V Energy Drink under her belt, Olivia’s influence is steadily growing.

According to the aspiring model, she’s even becoming famous in her own right, with fans regularly calling her name out on the street, rather than Taylor’s.

taylor swift impersonator
Olivia Sturgiss elicits some hilarious reactions when she takes to the street in character. Photo: The New Daily

Olivia paid a visit to The New Daily office in Melbourne to chat to Entertainment Editor Susannah Guthrie about what her unusual job entails, how she got into the impersonating business and whether or not she can carry a tune like Taylor can.

Then, we hit the streets to see how many people we could fool.

Watch the full video above.

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