Entertainment Celebrity A victory for the KKK, sexism and racism: Aaron Sorkin

A victory for the KKK, sexism and racism: Aaron Sorkin

Aaron sorkin Trump
Writer Aaron Sorkin (R) with his daughter Roxy. Photo: Getty
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West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin has written an open letter to 15-year-old daughter, Roxy, and her mother calling Donald Trump a “man-boy” and “incompetent pig”.

The letter, published by Vanity Fair on Wednesday, lamented Mr Trump’s election as changing the world “in a way I couldn’t protect us from”, which was a “terrible feeling for a father. I won’t sugarcoat it — this is truly horrible”.

“For the next four years, the President of the United States, the same office held by Washington and Jefferson, Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt, F.D.R., J.F.K. and Barack Obama, will be held by a man-boy who’ll spend his hours exacting Twitter vengeance against all who criticize him (and those numbers will be legion).

“We’ve embarrassed ourselves in front of our children and the world.”

Sorkin said Mr Trump’s victory was not only bad in itself, but it had dangerously emboldened homophobic, sexist and racist elements of the United States.

“It wasn’t just Donald Trump who won last night—it was his supporters too.

“The Klan won last night. White nationalists. Sexists, racists and buffoons. Angry young white men who think rap music and Cinco de Mayo are a threat to their way of life (or are the reason for their way of life) have been given cause to celebrate.

“Men who have no right to call themselves that and who think that women who aspire to more than looking hot are shrill, ugly, and otherwise worthy of our scorn rather than our admiration struck a blow for misogynistic s**theads everywhere. Hate was given hope.”

Sorkin didn’t stop there, writing that Mr Trump had “dangerous ideas, a serious psychiatric disorder, no knowledge of the world and no curiosity to learn”.

He then urged the celebrity power of Hollywood, as well as Democrats, to fight and not move to Canada as some have suggested.

“We do what we can to fight injustice anywhere we see it — whether it’s writing a check or rolling up our sleeves,” he continued.

“We fight for a woman to keep her right to choose. We fight for the First Amendment and we fight mostly for equality — not for a guarantee of equal outcomes but for equal opportunities. We stand up.”