Entertainment Celebrity The theory behind Lindsay Lohan’s bizarre new accent

The theory behind Lindsay Lohan’s bizarre new accent

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Between offering refugees energy drinks, Lohan has managed to pick up a new accent. Photo: Getty
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Troubled star Lindsay Lohan has baffled her fans by adopting an unidentifiable new accent, which she’s flaunted in a series of unusual interviews.

The actress’s vocal makeover has prompted claims her new accent is just one part of a dossier of evidence suggesting she is working for the Turkish government.

Lohan, of Parent Trap and Freaky Friday fame, debuted her befuddling new accent during an interview with a Greek journalist this week.

In the viral footage, Lohan displays what has been described as a mixture of Russian, American and Greek accents, plus the sentence structure of a non-native English speaker.

It comes after Lohan spent months visiting refugee camps in Syria, taking part in Turkish television interviews and opening her own refugee-themed nightclub in Athens.

Hear Lohan’s new accent for yourself below:

During the red carpet interview in question, New York-born Lohan puzzled onlookers with her foreign phrasing.

“We can make everything have a difference,” she declared.

“Life should be about celebrating each other’s lives.”

‘They made me seem like Satan’

In a separate October interview with Turkish TV station Haber Turk, Lohan gave viewers another example of her bizarre new sound.

The 30-year-old discussed a recent photo of her wearing a head scarf and another paparazzi snap of her walking through the streets of New York holding the Quran.

“In America I was going through a lot … and my very close friends who have been there for me a lot in London are Saudi, and they gave me a Quran,” she explained.

“I brought it to New York because I was learning and it opened doors for me spiritually to find a new meaning.

“They crucified me for it, in America. They made me seem like Satan. I was a bad person for holding that Quran.

“I was so happy to leave and go back to London after that. I felt so unsafe in my own country after this.”

Watch the footage below:

Humorous commentary came in thick and fast, with one person calling Lohan’s accent a “bad Bjork impression”, while another questioned whether Sasha Baron Cohen’s character Borat was her language coach.

‘The world is more than five’

Aside from the teasing, a more serious observation has risen to the surface: that Lohan is secretly working for the Turkish government.

It doesn’t help that the actress has been peppering her social media posts, speeches and interviews with the phrase, “The world is more than five”.

The phrase relates to the power of the United Nations’ Security Council, which holds just five permanent members: the US, Russia, China, the UK and France.

It’s a favourite catchcry of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his allies, who use it to argue that the council concentrates too much power onto the five powers.

The actress has used the phrase multiple times to caption Instagram posts of the Syrian refugee camps she toured over European summer.

Lohan has also publicly praised President Erdogan for his handling of July’s attempted military coup, claiming it inspired her to visit the country.

“When the whole coup happened … just seeing the country stand up for each other. That was really emotional for me,” she told Haber Turk.

“And Erdogan did very well .. and his people really admiring him and respecting him as the first elected president … that’s a really big deal.”

But Lohan herself seems willing to go along with the jokes – at least pertaining to her new sound.

“What should I call my new accent?” she joked at the Daily Mail on Twitter.

“I’m thinking Lilohan.”

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