Entertainment Celebrity Is this Tom Hanks or Bill Murray? You choose

Is this Tom Hanks or Bill Murray? You choose

is it bill murray or tom hanks
Who do you see in this picture?
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Like the blue (or white?) dress before it, this image of a beloved Hollywood actor crying has ignited a debate more fierce than Clinton vs Trump.

Posted to the Facebook group Reasons My Son is Crying in May 2013, the image has just hit the big time on the mainstream internet, with users going to head-to-head over whether the familiar face belongs to Bill Murray or Tom Hanks.

And despite the author of the image, Laura DiMichele-Ross, ensuring those in the Hanks corner that the man her son met was most certainly Groundhog Day‘s Bill Murray, the debate goes on.

One commenter suggested the child in the photo was distressed because he had been hoodwinked by his mother.

“The kid’s crying, ‘Why me? Mom you told me I was meeting Bill Murray!'”

Another user threw a spanner in the works by suggesting the actor in question might be the late, great, Robin Williams.

But perhaps the most salient comment came from Facebook user Rebecca Huska, who noted: “What I learned from the comments: When Bill Murray is crying, he starts to look like Tom Hanks”.

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