Entertainment Celebrity ‘Attention whore’: Tziporah (formerly Kate Fischer) slams her ex, James Packer

‘Attention whore’: Tziporah (formerly Kate Fischer) slams her ex, James Packer

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Tziporah Malkah (left) and James Packer were together for five years. Photo: Getty
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Tziporah Malkah, the retired Australian actress and model formerly known as Kate Fischer, has accused her ex-fiance James Packer of being an “attention whore”.

Malkah, who has made headlines over the past two days for her changed appearance, lashed out at Packer on her public Facebook page.

Sharing an article from the Daily Mail on her weight gain, Malkah said Packer “will do ANYTHING to continue to be associated with me”.

“And who can blame him? The whole world knows that I’m the most interesting thing that had, and will ever, happen to him. Attention whore that he is.”

Malkah and Packer were engaged for two years before splitting in 1998. Packer is now engaged to American singer Mariah Carey.

James Packer will do ANYTHING to continue to be associated with me! And who can blame him? The whole world knows that I'…

Posted by Tziporah Malkah on 2016年10月11日

The Sirens star also responded to the spate of reports about her new life, criticising a friend who leaked photos to the media.

“Whoever you are, my so-called ‘friend’, that is copying my photos and sending them onto tabloids: that stops today,” Malkah said.

“I now have an Instagram account where ANYONE can follow me and photos will be posted there. So if you’re getting fiscal reimbursement from these tabloid BS machines – your gravy train has ended.”

Malkah said she was particularly upset when a photo of herself and her cousin was published without her consent given her cousin is “a very private person”.

“I do not care about what those pieces of trash say about me – I’m used to ‘journalists’ putting words in my mouth and misconstruing what I say,” Malkah said in the Facebook post.

“I’m immune yet I do have an Achilles heel and that is my family.

“I am extremely disappointed that there is a rat in my nest of friends.”

Malkah concluded her online rant by demanding she be referred to by her legal name,Tziporah Atarah Malkah, which she changed after discovering hew Jewish roots.

When one of Malkah’s fans pointed out her Facebook photos were accessible to the public and therefore journalists, Malkah said she thought her account was private.

“To my knowledge all my pics were on lock-down but there must’ve been some weird glitch or fb policy change that ‘set these free’! Bummer,” Malkah said.

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