Entertainment Celebrity Kate Fischer now: Former model defends changed appearance

Kate Fischer now: Former model defends changed appearance

Kate Fischer
Kate Fischer is unrecognisable today. Photo: Getty
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Model and actress Kate Fischer has resurfaced online looking completely unrecognisable nearly two decades after her heyday as a darling of Australian film and society.

The 42-year-old was spurred into social media action after Woman’s Day magazine published some unflattering photos of the former covergirl getting the mail outside her home in Toorak, Melbourne.

Dressed only in a sheet, Fischer looked completely different from the woman who shot to fame alongside Elle Macpherson and Portia de Rossi in the 1993 film Sirens.

Fischer, who now goes by her Hebrew name Tziporah Atarah Malkah, took to Facebook to thank people for “checking in with me” and to dismiss critics commenting on her changed physique.

“‘Kate got fat! Kate got fat! Kate got fat!’ is older news than Moses,” the former fiancee of mogul James Packer wrote.

“And anyway that’s not my legal name anymore. Thanks guys for checking in with me. I’m no longer desirous of being a public figure but I’ve noticed a bit of interest in this page in the last 24 hours so I thought I’d say G’day!”

“Tziporah is how I wish to be addressed,” Fischer continued.

“You won’t get far with Kate – it is not my name and it is disrespectful for people to be wilfully rude and ignore this simple request.

“As mentioned earlier I retired from the public life close to ten years ago. I do not grant interviews and have no interest in being in the public eye.

“I work in the health care industry and very much enjoy helping others. I am content in most ways and appreciate my life being a private one now.”

Kate Fischer before and after
Before and after: Fischer (left) in 2000 and (right) today. Photo: Getty/Instagram

Despite rumours she had “converted” to Judaism, Fischer explained she had always been Jewish but had been unaware of her religion until after she retired from showbiz.

According to Fischer, she legally changed her name to Tziporah, “a traditional name on her matrilineal line”.

🍯🍎😘🇮🇱 to my lads xox

A photo posted by Tziporah Malkah (@fluffysparrow) on

Fischer was known for her stunning natural beauty, enviable figure and burgeoning acting career throughout the mid to late-1990s.

Born in South Australia, she had her first taste of fame after winning the Dolly magazine modelling competition at age 13. The same competition has since launched the likes of Miranda Kerr and Jessica Hart.

Fischer in 1996 (left), 1994 (centre) and today (right). Photo: Getty/Instagram
Fischer in 1996 (left), 1994 (centre) and today (right). Photo: Getty/Instagram

Fischer had a high-profile romance with businessman Packer that lasted five years. The pair split in 1998, two years after getting engaged. It is rumoured Fischer received a hefty settlement from Packer.

A heartbroken Fischer then fled to America, where she became an American citizen and a registered member of the Republican Party. Her Instagram account features plenty of selfies of her wearing t-shirts in support of Jeb Bush and Donald Trump.

In one Instagram post from this week, Fischer compared herself to her mother, Australian politician Pru Goward, who is currently the member for Goulburn and the New South Wales Minister for Mental Health.

I'm starting to look like my mother

A photo posted by Tziporah Malkah (@fluffysparrow) on

“I’m starting to look like my mother,” Fischer captioned a selfie.

The former actress said she was moved to start a Facebook page and Instagram account in order to stop lies about her from spreading.

“The initial idea for me to start a public page was that there are many lies and one-sided nasty things written about me, and while I have become immune to most of it, it bothers me when it bothers the people that I am close to or violates the privacy of my family in any way,” Fischer wrote.

Fischer's mother Pru Goward, who is also the NSW Minister for Medical Research. Photo: Getty
Fischer’s mother Pru Goward, who is also the NSW Minister for Medical Research. Photo: Getty

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