Entertainment Celebrity Kim Kardashian tailed by ‘strange’ men days before robbery

Kim Kardashian tailed by ‘strange’ men days before robbery

kIM Kardashian heist
Photographers spotted two suspicious faces in the crowd surrounding Kim. Photo: Getty
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Kim Kardashian was followed by two men, one claiming to be a policeman, just days before she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris, paparazzi who regularly follow the star have revealed.

Kardashian returned to the United States after five men dressed as police officers broke into her private apartment on Monday and stole $US10 million ($A13 million) worth of jewellery.

Photographers who regularly follow the star told People magazine she was tailed by two men on Thursday evening who may have been connected to the heist.

“I’m sure of it. There were these two guys,” one paparazzi told People.

“One was in a car and the other on a scooter. They were French, and they were just strange.”

The photographers described one man as tall, skinny and bearded, while the other was “possibly North African”.

“They were speaking French without accent,” one of the photographers said.

“One guy was on a scooter and the other, the skinny one was driving a Fiat and trying to drive in with us like he was a scooter. It was dangerous, really reckless.”

The paparazzi said they immediately spotted the men because they “weren’t photographers or fans”.

“We know each other. We know the bodyguards, they know us,” one paparazzi said.

“So when we got to the restaurant we talked to them. One guy told different stories, said he was from the neighbourhood. Then he said he was a cop. This was so not right — we pointed them out to Kanye’s security.”

The photographers have reportedly co-operated with police and supplied images. An investigation into the robbery is ongoing.

For more detail on the robbery, click here.

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