Entertainment Celebrity Sam Frost shares her cancer journey

Sam Frost shares her cancer journey

Sam Frost recently underwent surgery. Photo: Getty
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The Bachelorette star Sam Frost has shared her experience of receiving abnormal pap-smear results as a warning for women to get regular check-ups.

During their 2DayFM breakfast radio show Rove and Sam on Friday, Frost’s co-host Rove McManus gave Frost a call to see how she was coping after undergoing surgery to remove pre-cancerous cells.

“You know what, I’m feeling ok!” Frost told McManus, who was hosting the show with in Frost’s absence alongside Wil Anderson and Cal Wilson.

“I actually haven’t seen my doctor yet, but we’ll be having a catch up later today to let me know how everything went,” Frost, 26, said.

Frost opened up ahead of her surgery on Thursday in an attempt to encourage other women to get their pap smear done.

Sam Frost and her boyfriend, Sasha Mielczarek. Photo: Getty

“Recently I talked about having my lady test,” Frost said.

“You get the regular STI ones no dramas, but there’s a different one you get to check if you have cancerous cells, any abnormalities  … that’s the one I went in to get done.”

“Not a big deal but I have a high grade abnormality, quite a big number of pre-cancerous cells — no dramas, nothing to be alarmed about, but today I am getting surgery for it,” the former reality television star said.

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to say to the ladies out there and even the guys out there to get their girlfriends on board or their sisters — go to the doctors and get a pap smear,” Frost urged listeners of their Sydney breakfast show.

“Ladies, call your GP and get it out of the way and just know that S-Fro is on your side supporting you.”

Frost also revealed her boyfriend, Bachelorette winner Sasha Mielczarek, was her support system during the procedure.

“I was so nervous, I wanted Sasha to stay with me for long as possible,” she said.

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