Entertainment Celebrity How this working mum became a sensation

How this working mum became a sensation

zoe foster-blake
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You’d be forgiven for thinking Zoe Foster-Blake has sprung up out of nowhere.

But if you look a little closer, you’ll see the seven-time author, beauty line owner and Instagram sensation’s success has come after a decade of slogging it out.

She shares an intimate photographic diary on the social media platform, showing details of her baby, her love life and her moments of fun.

But although she tries to stay as “authentic” as possible online, she admits there’s something she doesn’t want you to see: what she looks like “warts and all”. And there’s a reason for that.

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“I’m a beauty editor. I’m someone who takes pride in their beauty and appearance,” she says.

“But I do love being a rascal.”

Foster-Blake (the Blake comes from husband and radio star Hamish Blake) was working as a magazine beauty editor from the age of 23, and writing books on the weekend while her friends went to the beach.

“It came from being super energetic and passionate,” says Foster-Blake, who describes “slowly moving out of consulting to starting [her] own brand”.

zoe foster-blake
Baby Sonny makes regular appearances on both Zoe and Hamish’s Instagram accounts. Photo: Instagram

Now at 35, Foster-Blake is flourishing, while her 330,000 Instagram followers gobble up the beauty tips, life advice and witticisms of the social media star.

The relatable expert

Despite working in the industry for over a decade, Foster-Blake doesn’t call herself a beauty expert.

Instead, she describes herself as “vessel” between the real experts and the public.

“I’m speaking to makeup artists all the time, asking them what they’ve been using,” she tells The New Daily.

Readers of her beauty books Amazing Face and the recently released update, Amazinger Face, most likely think she is an encyclopaedia.

“It’s a regurgitation of everything I’ve learned and what I would tell people at dinner parties if they asked ‘What’s your best hair trick?'” she says.

But making a living out of beauty advice does have its pitfalls.

“Once you slide yourself stupidly into any position of expertise you’re expected to have perfect hair, perfect makeup,” she says.

“I am expected to have perfect hair but I have bitchy hair … I’m dealing with curly hair, a cow lick, add weather.”

zoe foster-blake
“If it’s fun, it’s generally going to fly,” says Foster-Blake about her and Hamish’s ideas. Photo: Instagram

‘Celebs should be able to post photos of their kids’

Foster-Blake married radio and television host Hamish Blake, half of the Hamish and Andy duo, in 2012.

The pair clearly share a love of humour and it’s never more obvious than in social media posts that feature their adorable toddler, Sonny.

Foster-Blake says it wasn’t a difficult decision for the couple to feature their kid on Instagram.

“I think it’s unfair that celebs get shut down for putting photos up of their kids … just because you have a wider reach,” she says.

“I think as with every new parent we fell in love with this new creature.

“If Instagram is a photo diary of your life then it wouldn’t be complete without Sonny.”

Working from home, Foster-Blake is currently running her skincare line Go-To, working on the television adaptation of her book The Wrong Girl and managing endorsement partnerships with brands such as Expedia.

“I have a new idea every five minutes, and someone needs to rein me in,” she says.

That person is often her husband Blake, who she says is her best soundboard.

“He actually came up with [the book title] ‘Amazing Face’.”

“I wanted ‘Your Face Stops at Your Boobs’ but it didn’t get through.”

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