Entertainment Celebrity Hope Hicks: Trump’s ‘model’ right-hand lady

Hope Hicks: Trump’s ‘model’ right-hand lady

Hope Hicks
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The 27-year-old former model responsible for Donald Trump’s formidable media coverage was initially intimidated and brought to tears by the Republican candidate’s “tight, alpha-male circle of hired guns”.

An “anxious” public relations whiz Hope Hicks was nicknamed “Hopesicle” by one of the men, but was convinced to stay with Trump when the billionaire intervened, men’s style magazine GQ reported in a profile of the female press secretary.

The story, titled ‘Donald Trump’s right-hand woman, quotes one male advisor who said Hicks was initially withdrawn and intimidated around the older male group.

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“Within the tight, alpha-male circle of hired guns, [former Trump advisor Sam] Nunberg could sense her unease,” GQ reported. “Nunberg gifted Hicks a book, Running for Office. He nicknamed his new friend ‘Hopesicle’ and quickly developed a fondness for her.”

Nunberg himself told the magazine that he thought Hope was “very cute”.

hope hicks
Every single Trump media request goes through Hicks. Photo: AAP

“She was very cute, because she was very anxious at first about all of this,” he was reported as saying.

Hicks remains eager to avoid the public eye.

She was so committed to a low profile that she agreed to let GQ write about her, but refused to grant an interview. Instead, it spoke to Donald Trump.

During the interview, Hicks sat silently next to Trump as the billionaire spoke about her to GQ reporter Olivia Nuzzi.

Hicks’ rise is remarkable. She has never worked in politics before Trump poached her from a New York PR firm where his daughter, Ivanka, was also employed.

“I thought Hope was outstanding,” Trump told the magazine.

Hope Hicks’ competition for Trump’s ear

Trump’s adult children – Donald Jnr, Ivanka and Eric – hold great influence over their father, the Wall Street Journal recently reported.

On Tuesday (AEST), Donald Jnr sacked long-time campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. It was widely reported that Trump’s adult children were key in convincing the billionaire to boot him out.

It would seem Hicks has not fallen fall of the children. In fact, it may be the opposite. According to GQ, Hicks became very close with Ivanka while working with her at the PR firm, even to the point where she would mimic her fashion choices.

Hope hicks
Ivanka Trump brought Hicks into the family fold. Photo: Getty

Hicks reportedly receives up to 250 media requests per day. Based on the many complaints of US journalists, her default response seems to be to ignore them.

However, she is lauded by colleagues for her manic and tireless work ethic, which reportedly led to a break-up with her partner of six years.

Hicks moved to New York City from Greenwich, Connecticut. She now lives in an apartment provided by the campaign.

Hicks is also the one who helps Trump turn his rapid-fire thoughts into tweets. She dictates and moulds what he says and then passes them onto another staffer to be sent into the social media world.

News website Slate wrote that GQ‘s description of Hicks portrays the type of woman who is the perfect match to work alongside the “sexist” Trump.

“It’s not hard to imagine how a woman who comes off as agreeable, vulnerable, and always flawlessly turned-out – a trifecta of traditional femininity – has succeeded in the retrograde world that is Trump’s sphere of influence.”

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