Entertainment Celebrity Heidi Klum reveals the biggest career mistake she’s made

Heidi Klum reveals the biggest career mistake she’s made

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Even successful businesswomen like Heidi Klum have to admit defeat sometimes, but there was one mistake in particular she has learned from.

Speaking to The New Daily on Wednesday, the model, TV host, businesswoman, fashion designer and mother was candid in her revelations.

With success came failure, she said, but there was always a silver lining.

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“There are some business ventures I have started that have failed,” she said.

“But I don’t see them as a failure because I have learned so much through that process and not everything can always work.”

Heidi klum fall
To Melbourne, love Heidi. Photo: Getty

Klum is in Australia to promote her underwear range, which is the latest project for the mother-of-four, who was taking time out from filming Germany’s Next Top Model while in Melbourne, before going into work on the next season of America’s Got Talent.

But throughout her career – which has spanned more than 20 years – there was one lesson in particular she would not forget.

“Once I got this really gigantic, humungous job, and then the ad agency was fired and a new one was brought in and didn’t want to continue the concept,” she said.

“I had been bragging about it, and then I ended up not doing the job because the new people wanted to do something completely different, so that was one of the major lessons I learned – not to brag about things until they actually happen.”

Heidi Klum talks … selfies

The great news for fans is, if you see Klum on the street or fresh from pursuing her latest endeavour she will likely happily share the frame for a selfie.

But if you see her enjoying a candle-lit dinner, it is best to steer clear.

“Sometimes when you are sitting at the dinner table having a romantic dinner, then it is kind of weird when people come to the table when you have your fork in your mouth and are chewing – sometimes people pick the weirdest time – but maybe they got excited and they forgot,” she said.

“But when you see someone at the airport or are walking down the street, it doesn’t take that long to say hi and to take a snap.”

Even attention from the paparazzi, which drove some celebs to distraction (think Sam Worthington and Lara Bingle), was not too much of an ask for the ever-cool Klum.

“I feel like I am very blessed and fortunate and lucky,” she said.

“My whole family is very lucky, because of what I get to do for a living, so to have some photographers every once in a while snap your picture is really not that bad.”

Crazy comments on social media

Visiting the @artgalleryofnsw. This John Olsen piece is my favorite! #inspiration

A photo posted by Heidi Klum (@heidiklum) on

Klum certainly enjoys connecting with her fans and regularly shares all sorts of glamorous and intimate moments from her day on social media.

But with the willingness to share her life with the world, came the inevitable negativity flooding in. So how does she deal with it?

heidi klum
Klum launched a tongue-in-cheek response to claims from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump she was ‘no longer a 10’. Photo: Instagram heidiklum

“I try not to [read comments on social media] because a lot of people do hide behind a fake idea or something, so I try not to,” she said.

“I try to be optimistic and positive that a lot of people who do follow me are actually fans of mine or want to see what I am doing, of people who say negative things I always think: ‘why are they even following me?’.”


But was there one thing the versatile businesswoman would never consider pursuing?

Absolutely – politics.

“Definitely not, why would anyone?” she said.

“I wouldn’t even know how to get any country out of any mess anyone is in, it is the hardest job on the planet, especially right now.”


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