Entertainment Celebrity A day in the life of supermodel Robyn Lawley

A day in the life of supermodel Robyn Lawley

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Model, swimwear designer, cookbook author, Fruit Juice Australia ambassador, photographer, mother and DJ are just some of the titles on Robyn Lawley’s impressive resume.

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Sydney-born Lawley has graced the pages of Sports Illustrated and Vogue and appeared on several popular American talk shows thanks to her outspoken stance on unrealistic body ideals and the plus-size model movement.

She has gained fans around the world for fighting back against body shamers and encouraging young women to focus on their fitness and nutrition rather than their appearance.

Recently, she became a proponent for new mothers when she posted a topless selfie on Instagram revealing her stretch marks, following the birth of her baby daughter Ripley in February this year.

While Lawley undoubtedly faced pressure to get back in shape post-pregnancy for her many swimwear shoots, she claims dropping the baby weight is not the hardest part of being a working mother.

“The hardest thing about adjusting to being a new mother, honestly, has been time!” Lawley tells The New Daily.

“Time you have with your family and even with yourself becomes even more precious. I think many new parents also feel a lot of guilt, especially when you’re working – that’s life and it’s hard, but at the end of the day you have to do what’s best for your family.”

Thanks to a schedule which involves frequent travel and long hours, the Los Angeles-based Lawley has to work hard to stay healthy.

“My routine is usually dependent on the job I’ve booked, so that usually means a lot of early start times, and I’ll have the food provided on set and it generally tends to be good food,” she explains.

Here, the 26-year-old mum gives us an insight into a typical day in her life.

A typical healthy breakfast.
A typical healthy breakfast.


The first thing I do when I wake up is drink a glass of water, and then I have a glass of OJ with lots of pulp and my iron tablets.

I’ll usually have a bowl of cereal with glass of OJ, or if I have a bit of time, I’ll tuck into a breakfast sandwich that my partner is practically an expert at making; starting with sourdough bread from Gjusta, we add vintage cheddar, eggs, caramelized onions and avocado with usually with either a relish or mustard, and always served toasted!

I love a classic latte when I’m back in LA, and I almost always start my day with an ice coffee when it’s hot.

I usually only have one a day as otherwise I tend to feel a bit dehydrated.

If I’m in Australia I’ll get a latte or a dirty chai (chai latte with espresso shot) but in USA I love Blue Bottle’s ice coffees.

Robyn during an intense workout session with her trainer.
Robyn during an intense workout session with her trainer.


I aim to keep active three to four times a week when it comes to intense workouts, but it can get hard as a new mum to find the time so I try to do a walk with Ripley every day.

You’ll either find me at an intense kickboxing session or in a spin class. Otherwise, I love doing a combination of sprints and high-intensity resistance moves.

Honestly my fitness level has dipped a little [since having a baby], but not too much – finding the time and a balance can be difficult at times but not impossible.


Lunch would be a Reuben sandwich or sushi – I love Japanese food! I usually snack on bananas or avocados.

When I’m on the run, I’ll usually take a green smoothie with me, or I’ll pack a lot of little snacks to have through the day like bananas and avocados, or nuts for some extra protein.

Robyn with daughter Ripley.
Robyn with daughter Ripley.

My favourite smoothie to have on the run is spinach, almond milk, banana and flaxseed oil, and sometimes I add whey protein so I feel fuller!


I’m a ‘movieholic’, so you’ll definitely find me watching a few when I’m chilling out. Otherwise, I’ll be putting mixes together for my DJing and finding new music. I also love being outdoors in nature, it keeps me relaxed and grounded.


For dinner I love having fish and veggies, or I’ll have a delicious bowl of pasta. We also have an ice cream machine, which makes amazing ice cream and we usually have a little for dessert.

The last thing I do before bed is kiss my baby, Ripley!


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