Entertainment Celebrity Sheen’s ex: ‘Charlie didn’t tell me he was HIV positive’

Sheen’s ex: ‘Charlie didn’t tell me he was HIV positive’

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Charlie Sheen’s manager has denied claims made by the actor’s ex-girlfriend Bree Olson that he never disclosed his HIV-positive status during the course of their relationship in 2011.

Speaking on The Howard Stern Show after Sheen’s shock admission on the Today show on Wednesday, Olson alleged the 50-year-old kept his illness a secret and put her at risk by using ineffective contraception.

Sheen’s manager Mark Burg said Olson’s claims were false and Sheen was not infected with the virus at the time the pair were living together.

“Bree Olson is all over Howard Stern but the truth is she wasn’t in Charlie’s life when he was HIV-positive and so there was no reason to tell her anything,” Burg told PEOPLE.

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During her interview, the emotional former porn star told Stern: “I watched [the Today show interview] right before I came in here … he admitted it was the tiger blood time … that’s when I was with him, I was living with him, we were sleeping together every night.”

Olson is referring to a period of time in 2011 when she lived with Sheen as one of his “goddesses” following his very public meltdown after being fired from Two and a Half Men.

Asked by Stern if Sheen ever made mention of his HIV, Olson responded: “Never. Never said anything ever. ‘I’m clean,’ he told me, ‘I’m clean, I’m clean’.”

Olson said Sheen was even insistent the couple use lambskin condoms, a variety of contraception made from sheep’s intestine that do not adequately protected against sexually transmitted diseases.

“I didn’t want to use lambskin I wanted to use regular condoms,” Olson told Stern. “When we first started dating I’m like why lambskin?”

“I hesitated and made the same mistake a lot of people do, you know, I just trusted him.

“There were times we didn’t use condoms because it was only to prevent against pregnancy … This is whilst I’m living with him, he was my live-in boyfriend. Stupid me for not getting both of us tested.”

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“Does he owe you a phone call today to say ‘Bree, I’m sorry’?” Stern asked.

“I don’t want it … I would say ‘f*** you’, is what I’d say, and hang up the phone,” Olson responded.

On Wednesday, Sheen revealed he was diagnosed with the virus four years ago, but said it was “impossible” for him to transmit it to anyone else as it was virtually undetectable in his system after treatment.

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