Entertainment Celebrity ‘Don’t be a stupid woman, Caitlyn Jenner’

‘Don’t be a stupid woman, Caitlyn Jenner’

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A transgender activist has criticised transgendered celebrity Caitlyn Jenner for wanting a man to make her feel ‘normal’.

Earlier this week, Jenner, 65, who recently underwent surgery to become a woman, told her friend Professor Jennifer Boylan it would be “very attractive” to have a man treat her “like a woman” inside a “normal relationship”.

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Jenner has previously denied she was attracted to men.

Professor Boylan responded angrily, telling her friend no woman should “look to men to give us self-worth”.

“Now that you’re in the sisterhood, you have gone to such trouble to be a woman, don’t be a stupid one. Be a smart one,” Professor Boylan said during a clip for the TV show I am Cait.

“I think it’s a thing that women do: we look to men to give us self-worth.”

There are confliciting reports that Caitlyn Jenner could face manslaughter charges related to her involvement in a fatal car accident in February.

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