Entertainment Celebrity Russell Brand addresses Fifi Box baby rumour

Russell Brand addresses Fifi Box baby rumour

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Fifi Box has finally confronted Russell Brand over his uncomfortable joke that he fathered her child.

The British comedian made the unfortunate quip during an appearance on The Project two weeks ago.

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“Tell her I wanna see my kid,” Brand said to host Gorgi Coghlan after hearing Box was a regular guest on the Channel Ten panel show.

The joke which was cut from the original broadcast but aired a week later when Box guest-starred on the show.

Box has never officially confirmed the identity of her daughter Trixie’s father, although it is believed to be former Australian Ironman Grant Kenny.

Box finally got the chance to clear up the confusion about her daughter Trixie’s parentage when Brand appeared on the radio station The Fox’s Fifi & Dave Show on Wednesday morning.

“Anything could happen now,” Box said as she introduced Brand on the morning radio show.

“We are joined by comedian, actor, political activist and, if you believe the very false,  laughable, clearly made-up headlines last week, the father of my child, Russell Brand!”

The mischievous Brand quickly responded, “Hello mummy!”, causing Box to break up in laughter.

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Brand confirmed he was, in fact, joking about the claim but didn’t dismiss the idea of pairing up with Box in the future.

“Of course, even though you know I was joking, nothing would make me happier than having a child with Fifi Box,” Brand told Box and her co-host, Dave Thornton.

“I would particularly enjoy the process of insemination.”

Brand went on to compliment Box, whom he has met several times, telling her she was “gorgeous” during her pregnancy and if he had a child with her, “I would not wander more than eight inches from your immediate vicinity.”

“You, yeah, you’re good,” Box responded, ending the interview by saying she’d like to blow Brand a kiss.

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