Entertainment Celebrity Why Madonna posted this divisive Instagram picture

Why Madonna posted this divisive Instagram picture

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Madonna has again drawn fire for her Instagram activities, this time with an image of two men about to kiss. The catch is they appear to be a Jewish man and a Muslim man.

It’s not Madge’s first dance with social media controversy; she once posted a photo accompanied by a comment praising conservative former UK prime minister Margaret Thatcher, a leader who banned homosexuality acceptance in schools, the Independent reported.

Madonna later removed the Thatcher picture but has stood by her decision to post the amorous men in the face of opposition from some of her Instagram followers.

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“Crazy grandmother! !!(((,” said one user.

But messages of support also emerged as 77,200 people liked the picture.

“Love it !!!!!! <3,” said one.

One thing that seems a common thread is that both pictures were posted to promote her newest album.

@madonna dear is unfortunate that you have to publish such pictures to draw attention because your past albums have been garbage. poor jerk. Draw back from the musical medium and dedicate your life is total crap. ♥,” said one Instagram user.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz described the men in the picture as “a Jewish man with side curls and wearing a large white knitted kippah of the Breslover Hasidic movement and an Arab man wearing a traditional Arab keffiyeh”.

But the recording star has fired up  controversy on social media in other ways, drawing attention to the “hypocrisy” of having pictures of naked breasts banned while bare bottoms can stay.

She posted a picture of herself topless and the post was blocked by the site, drawing this missive:

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 7.59.43 AM


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