Entertainment Celebrity Con the Fruiterer can see, talk to dead people

Con the Fruiterer can see, talk to dead people

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Australian actor and comedian Mark Mitchell (aka ‘Con the Fruiterer’ from 80s comedy series The Comedy Company) has revealed he has the ability to see and speak to dead people.

In a Studio 10 interview to air on Monday, Mitchell, 60, reflects on a childhood moment when his deceased Aunt Mary “appeared in ghostly form”.

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“I looked at her and she smiled,” says Mitchell. “She smiled at me and then she turned to my mother and started speaking.

“I saw Aunty Mary and I saw her talking … (she was) looking really well.”

Mitchell, who’s also known for roles in Round the Twist, Upper Middle Bogan, SeaChange and Blue Heelers, says the ability has stayed with him his whole life. 

He believes speaking with dead people is a gift that everybody has.

The video below is a preview of the full interview.

The snippet details how his deceased Aunty Mary appeared to him and showed him where to find a key to a room that was locked in her old house.

Mitchell also tells the story in the latest issue of New Idea

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