Entertainment Celebrity Gwyneth flops in $29 poverty challenge

Gwyneth flops in $29 poverty challenge

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They said she couldn’t do it, and the naysayers were right.

Actress-turned-lifestyle blogger Gwyneth Paltrow has failed a charity challenge to survive on $29 worth of food stamps for an entire week.

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Paltrow, 42, shared the challenge with her two million Twitter followers last week, posting a snap of her grocery haul which was criticised for being small and frivolous.

The actress’s normally-lavish diet precedes her, and costs a reported $300 a day.

In a post on her blog Goop on Friday morning, Paltrow admitted to only lasting four days.

“As I suspected, we only made it through about four days, when I personally broke and had some chicken and fresh vegetables (and in full transparency, half a bag of black licorice).”

Paltrow gave herself a ‘C minus’ for the challenge, which aims to lobby the US government to strengthen its food stamp program.

“My perspective has been forever altered by how difficult it was to eat wholesome, nutritious food on that budget, even for just a few days—a challenge that 47 million Americans face every day, week, and year.”

She said she also discovered how easy it was to live off items like rice.

“A few takeaways from the week were that vegetarian staples liked dried beans and rice go a long way—and we were able to come up with a few recipes on a super tight budget.”

While she insisted her mission wasn’t to get “everyone eat organic food from some high horse in the sky”, Twitter users lampooned her for being out of touch for buying limes instead of staples like bread.

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