Entertainment Celebrity Lindsay Lohan is suing Fox News for defamation

Lindsay Lohan is suing Fox News for defamation

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Lindsay Lohan and her mum Dina have hit bosses at America’s Fox News network with a defamation lawsuit over allegations they use cocaine together.

The lawsuit, filed on Monday in Manhattan Supreme Court, references an episode of Sean Hannity’s show one year ago, when the TV host and commentator, Michelle Fields, who are also named in the suit, were discussing the celebrities who had died of drug overdoses.

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It also referenced actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, who had just succumbed to a heroin overdose two days prior.

In the the legal documents obtained by the New York Daily News, the Lohans allegedly came up in a discussion as “Early Train Wrecks and Tragedy About to Happen”.

The Lohans’ lawyer claims Fields “falsely, inappropriately and shockingly stated, unequivocally and as a ‘matter of fact’ that ‘Lindsay Lohan’s mother is doing cocaine with her'”.

The legal complaint continues: “Fields made the false, defamatory, heartless, derogatory comment in the context of the show’s topic… (It) was a direct smear on the character/reputation of (the Lohans)… (and it) was a totally irresponsible and malicious innuendo… (that) Lindsay Lohan might become the next celebrity to join the obituary list.”

After the episode aired, Fox bosses posted the clip on their website.

The Lohans’ lawyers David Hernandez and Mark Heller claim that when they talked to a lawyer from the news network, they promised to take the footage down, but it never happened.

The Lohans are demanding the clip be taken off the Hannity website permanently and they are asking for an unspecified amount of punitive damages.

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