Entertainment Celebrity Bono, Obama named least influential by GQ

Bono, Obama named least influential by GQ

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Singers Bono and Robin Thicke have been named two of the Least Influential People of 2014 by America’s GQ magazine.

Editors at the US publication have compiled a list of the 30 stars they believe are uninspiring to the general public, noting that this batch of people “took up vast clouds of oxygen, gave us back nothing of use, and probably helped accelerate the death of our planet”.

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Rocker Bono and his band U2 were criticised in September for releasing their Songs of Innocence album exclusively through iTunes – the record was installed into nearly 500 million users’ music libraries automatically.

GQ editors slammed the band for using the stunt as “some kind of noble gift to The People”, and added: “This was a $100 million marketing campaign. Yes, $100 million to turn U2’s socially conscious dad-rock into a piece of direct mail.”

R&B singer Thicke came in at number 25. The singer had a rough 2014 after his actress wife Paula Patton filed for divorce – he staged a failed attempt at winning her back by dedicating his latest album, titled Paula, to her.

The publication’s editors wrote: “The rest of this cheeseball’s career is our collective punishment for making Blurred Lines popular. Let’s ALL get a divorce from this man.”

US President Barack Obama took out the second spot on the table with editors blaming him for being missing in action while Missouri burned, Putin conquered Europe and the CDC “played nude twister with Ebola patients”.


1. Bono and U2, musicians
“The worst part was the way both Apple and U2 treated this like it was some kind of noble gift to The People”

2. Barack Obama, US President
“Are you even president anymore?”

3. Donald Sterling, Ex-NBA owner
“The racist/slumlord/pervert/nudist ex-NBA owner displayed a remarkable lack of power in 2014.”

4. Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, How I Met Your Mother writers
“It’s a sitcom. Why does it even NEED a twist? It’s not as if Cheers ended with all the characters turning out to be ghosts.”

5. Zach Braff, actor
“Can we all agree never to crowd-fund a movie again? Please? He should’ve just filmed himself rubbing that money on his armpits.”

6. Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the National Football League
“He’s made liking football feel gross and wrong.”

7. Stephen A. Smith, talk show host
“How can ESPN fire SAS for being an idiot when they hired him specifically to be an idiot?”

8. Dwyane Wade, American professional basketball player
“His knees are the only things in America right now that are rusting faster than Cleveland.”

9. CNN, televison news network
“We need to put the folks at CNN out of their misery. I can get better news standing at a goddamn bus stop.”

10. Eric Cantor, politician

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