Entertainment Celebrity Aussie comedian Sammy J’s Tweetgate failure in Dubai

Aussie comedian Sammy J’s Tweetgate failure in Dubai

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A Dubai Airport security guard has refused to return a confiscated prop to Australian comedian Sammy J after he called him an “evil humourless arsehole” on Facebook.

The Good News Week comedian, who often performs with purple puppet Randy, was stopped at the airport last month after he took a photo of himself holding a box that said “DO NOT OPEN” inside the terminal.

Sammy J was using Facebook to chronicle the Melbourne-to-Edinburgh journey of the box, which was said to contain his first tweet to be released at the end of his only one-hour show at the fringe festival.

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The comedian said he showed security what was in the box, but the tweet did not make a lot of sense out of context and the prop was confiscated.

On route home to Australia, and wearing a #freethetweet t-shirt, Sammy J tried to lodge an application at Dubai to get the box back, but encountered the same guard again.

When security asked Sammy J to prove he was a comedian, he showed them his Facebook page where he had called the guards “evil humourless arseholes” in an earlier post.

“In my defence, he didn’t see the funny side, so sort of proved me correct,” he posted.

“I am about to fly home so don’t care if he’s reading this … stupid bloody tweet thief.

“Sorry for the anti-climax everyone. I am the Mr Bean of international rescue.”