Entertainment Celebrity Ledger’s dad discusses actor’s heroin use

Ledger’s dad discusses actor’s heroin use

Ryan Corr
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Heath Ledger’s father Kim has said he feels “terribly sorry” for the family of Australian actor Ryan Corr who was found in possession of heroin back in May.

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Corr, who won the Australians in Film Heath Ledger Scholarship in 2011, was allegedly caught smoking the substance in a Bondi laneway.

He has appeared in a number of Australia television series, including Packed to the Rafters and Love Child, and also starred in the 2013 feature film Wolf Creek 2.

Mr Ledger, whose Oscar-winning son died in 2008 after overdosing on prescription medication, spoke about the incident on Channel 7’s The Morning Show on Wednesday.

“I feel terribly sorry for Ryan and his family and what’s he’s caught up in,” Mr Ledger said.

“But with his profile he’s helped lift the level of awareness on how it can affect families so dramatically.

“And of course, we’ve experienced the same thing ourselves through Heath’s passing.”

When Corr’s case first made headlines, Mr Ledger told The Sydney Morning Herald he felt “no empathy for drug users”.

He has since maintained his stance, saying he is grateful that Corr’s arrest has drawn publicity to the serious issue of recreational drug use.

“We should all be responsible for what we put in our own mouths and certainly that is the case in the use of recreational drugs,” he said.