Entertainment Celebrity Tony Awards report card – how did Hugh do?

Tony Awards report card – how did Hugh do?

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Hugh Jackman sang, danced, rapped, tapped and bounced his way through the 68th Tony Awards.

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Jackman, hosting Broadway’s biggest night for the fourth time, also cracked Wolverine and Australian-flavoured jokes inside Manhattan’s Radio City Music Hall on Sunday.

“You have great seats there,” Jackman, a Tony Award winner in 2004 for his performance in The Boy from Oz, told audience members in the front rows.

“The greatest view of the man from Down Under’s down under.”

While Jackman, who hopped through his four-minute opening segment in a homage to Bobby Van in 1953 movie musical Small Town Girl, provided plenty of star wattage, a couple of other Hollywood types walked away with Tony Awards.

Twitter report card – how did Hugh do?

While there were a few viewers who became a little confused while watching the X-Men star sing, dance, rap and bounce, Twitter feedback on Hugh Jackman’s hosting effort was overwhelmingly positive.

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