Entertainment Celebrity This may be the best celebrity prank ever…

This may be the best celebrity prank ever…

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It may be the prank to end all pranks: clever Imgur user Timbo57 has shared his brilliant handiwork on the social media site after he quite literally Nicholas Caged his brother’s entire home.

What does that mean? With the help of his girlfriend, Timbo57 printed out 3200 photos of the actor’s face and planted them all around his brother’s house.

No area was left un-Caged as the prankster planted the National Treasure star’s face on everything from ice blocks and toilet rolls to baby nappies and family photos.

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Timbo57’s brother, who is not a fan of the actor, was apparently pretty impressed by his brother’s antics.

“He said he and his wife were in tears with laughter and only intensified as they discovered just how much [Nicolas Cage] had been placed around the house,” Timbo57 wrote on Imgur.

However, the effect soon wore off after his brother realised the extent of the prank.

“He said the hype and fun is over now, he is just sick to death of finding more and more everywhere,” Timbo57 wrote. “I expect he will be finding them for months.”
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All photos courtesy of Imgur user Timbo57