Entertainment Celebrity Charlize Theron gives fro-yo worker huge tip

Charlize Theron gives fro-yo worker huge tip

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Damage control, perhaps?

After last week’s disastrous claims comparing media intrusion to rape, Charlize Theron has made headlines again, this time for the right reason.

According to TMZ, Theron was seized by sweet cravings on Tuesday and headed to local frozen yoghurt chain Pinkberry for a quick fix.

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However, when the time came to pay, Theron told the young employee she wasn’t carrying any money on her and promised she would come back to foot the $3.75 bill. 

More than an hour later, Theron returned to the Hollywood Boulevard store with boyfriend Sean Penn in tow.

As a reward for the employee’s patience, Theron handed over a $100 bill and told her to keep the change, essentially leaving behind a $96 tip.

But what we really want to know: what did the Oscar-winner order?

According to TMZ, Charlize picked the chocolate hazelnut flavour with chocolate shavings. Good call.