Entertainment Celebrity Julia Louis-Dreyfus strips off for Rolling Stone

Julia Louis-Dreyfus strips off for Rolling Stone

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Rolling stone
Rolling Stone
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Julia Louis-Dreyfus, otherwise known as the neurotic, sassy Elaine from Seinfeld, has stripped off for the cover of Rolling Stone, posing with the American constitution scrawled across her back.

The raunchy cover has already been called out for making a huge error: Louis-Dreyfus’ elaborate Constitutional back tattoo features the signature of founding father John Hancock. In reality, Hancock did not sign the Constitution.

The actress took to Twitter to defend her cover, jokingly blaming her “drunken stupor” for the mistake.

In their April issue, the magazine has hailed the 53-year-old as “the First Lady of comedy” for her seamless transition from television to film and back.

After a successful eight years on Seinfeld, Louis-Dreyfus maintained a varied career, appearing on sitcoms like Arrested Development and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Now, she plays the American Vice President on popular comedy Veep. 

In the magazine, Louis-Dreyfus acknowledges that there is sexism in the entertainment industry, but insists that she has managed to avoid it throughout her career.

“There is sexism – I’m not denying its existence,” she told the magazine. “But I’m saying that I will deny its effort against me. I just pay it no nevermind and say, ‘Get out of my way.'”