Entertainment Celebrity Margot’s naked truth

Margot’s naked truth

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Cast as Leonardo DiCaprio’s sharp New Jersey trophy wife in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street this year, Australian actress and former Neighbours star Margot Robbie has benefitted from a fairly swift rise to superstardom. But that doesn’t mean the path has been smooth.

Part of the deal when playing Brooklyn-born Naomi Belfort, the blonde seductress wife of the film’s protagonist Jordan Belfort, was copious amounts of nudity. No problem if you consider that Robbie is a gorgeous 23 year-old, but the issue was not so much to do with her body qualms and more with her family’s reaction.

Now that her mother has seen the film, some of the pressure has been taken off.

“Mum has seen the film now, it went down quite well,” she told Channel 7’s Sunrise at the first Australian screening of the film. Robbie’s mother was not fazed by the more explicit scenes featuring her daughter, telling Sunrise’s Michelle Tapper, “I actually saw this the first time in New York and Margot covered my eyes up. I said ‘look, don’t worry, I’m cool about this.'”

Robbie’s grandparents? Not so much. While she gave the film a thumbs up, Robbie’s mother admitted that “For her grandparents, we decided that it probably wouldn’t be the best thing for them to see…Margot has said ‘no they can’t watch it.'”

The rising star has been open about her approach to the risqué nature of her role, admitting that she kept it a secret from her family until the last minute.

“That [the nudity] was a small point of contention with my family,” Robbie told Jimmy Kimmel on January 8. “I flat out lied to my family for a long, long time. I was like ‘I don’t care what you hear there is no nudity, I’m not doing any nudity. Ignore anything anyone is saying.”

When the rumours continued to swirl, Robbie was forced to change her story.

“The lie evolved to ‘Well, actually its a body double and they just CGI’d my head onto someone else. My family totally bought it and they were like ‘They can do that?'”

She soon realised that her family would have to see the film, so the starlet was forced to tell the truth.

“Eventually I came clean,” she told Kimmel. “I was like ‘you should read the book first and if you still want to see the movie then…'”

In contrast, Leonardo DiCaprio has revealed that his parents were remarkably cool about his multiple drug-fuelled sex scenes.

“I am almost 40 years old now, so I’d hope that I wouldn’t have to answer to them”, he told NPR host David Greene. “I think that the perception of me is still the child actor…you know, people would wonder what my parents thought. But to tell you the truth, it didn’t faze them whatsoever. I mean, I was reading underground comics in the back of my dad’s station wagon that were much more gratuitous than this at 10 years old, so nothing really affected them on that level.”

Growing up in the small country town of Dalby in Queensland, Robbie’s beginnings were very un-Hollywood in contrast to DiCaprio. No surprises then that she was concerned about The Wolf of Wall Street, which features her completely naked in a number of raunchy sex scenes.

We would have loved to be a fly on the wall when Robbie’s parents first watched the blockbuster, especially scenes like the one below, where Robbie literally brings the Hollywood icon to his knees.