Entertainment Celebrity Cruise tells court he’s close to Suri

Cruise tells court he’s close to Suri

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Actor Tom Cruise has told a US federal court he maintains a close relationship with his seven-year-old daughter despite his divorce from her mother and a hectic film schedule.

Cruise’s declaration was filed on Tuesday in Los Angeles in a defamation case against Bauer Publishing.

The actor is suing over two 2012 tabloid stories that claimed he had “abandoned” his daughter.

Cruise writes in the two-page declaration that, despite filming back-to-back movies after the divorce, he spoke with his daughter Suri nearly every day and got frequent updates from her mother, Katie Holmes, about how she was doing.

Cruise’s lawyers are asking a judge to order Bauer to declare it didn’t have any sources to support its contentions about his parenting role.

Bauer’s lawyers argue that a judge should reject Cruise’s motion.

In documents obtained by TMZ.com, Cruise states, “I have in no way cut Suri out of my life – whether physically, emotionally, financially or otherwise. … Even during the times when I was working overseas and was not able to see Suri in person, we were (and continue to be) extremely close.”

The actor said during the time highlighted in the articles he had been “a constant presence in Suri’s life”.

He added: “While I’m sure my daughter misses me when I am not with her (as I miss her), she is a very happy child, and we have a wonderful relationship and cheerful phone calls.”