Entertainment Books If famous books were rewritten from another perspective

If famous books were rewritten from another perspective

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If you can’t come up with a new idea, rethink an old one.

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At least, that’s the approach taken by bestselling author E.L. James, who has decided to rewrite her hugely popular debut novel Fifty Shades of Grey from the perspective of male protagonist Christian Grey.

The new book will be called Grey and will be released on June 18.

This revelation got us thinking – what would other famous books look like from the perspective of minor characters or antagonists?

The Great Gatsby


From the perspective of: Jay Gatsby

New title: The Mediocre Gatsby

Blurb: Reformed thief attempts to distract glamorous house guests from his embarrassing past with copious amounts of alcohol.

To Kill a Mockingbird


From the perspective of: Boo Radley

New title: It’s So Dark in Here

Blurb: Man’s peaceful, reclusive existence is continually disrupted by his pesky neighbours, driving him to murder.

Lord of the Rings


From the perspective of: Gollum

New Title: My Precious: A Guide to Medieval Jewelry

Blurb: A ring enthusiast documents his all-consuming obsession with handcrafted bespoke ornaments.

Chronicles of Narnia


From the perspective of: The Wardrobe

New title: Coming Out of the Closet

Blurb: An examination of commitment and relationships from a piece of furniture who feels as though everyone is just passing through.

Pride and Prejudice


From the perspective of: Mr Darcy

New title: The Perils of Being a Shy Guy

Blurb: Man navigates the dating world with zero game and a resting bitch face.

Animal Farm


From the perspective of: Old McDonald

New title: Barnyard Lunacy

Blurb: One farmer’s inner battle with mental illness after overhearing his animals plotting a communist revolution.

The Communist Manifesto


From the perspective of: Tsar Nicholas

New title: Hands Off My China

Blurb: This is why we can’t have nice things.

Moby Dick


From the perspective of: The whale

New title: Humans Suck

Blurb: The bitter account of what it’s really like to be hunted on the high seas. A must-read for any activist.

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