Entertainment Books Book Advisor: The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles

Book Advisor: The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles

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The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles
Katherine Pancol
Allen & Unwin

thenewdaily_supplied_291113_booksThis best-selling French book has sold over 2.5 million copies and has been translated into 30 languages – English the most recent. The first of a trilogy, The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles follows the academic Josephine who has everything going against her – terrible husband, mean mother, rich, beautiful and self-absorbed sister and an unthankful child. When her husband leaves her and she finds herself in financial trouble she agrees to write a book for her sister to claim as her own. While Josephine is writing for financial security for her family, the book frees her from the emotional shackles that have been holding her back her entire life.

The New Daily says: This is a book that grows on you but doesn’t necessarily leave its mark. Josephine is a character that you want good things to happen for but only because her life is so utterly miserable. Her journey from disused house wife to best-selling writer sees her transform from an emotionally ugly duckling into a mature and together swan was at times endearing, but the ridiculous finale where her best friend reveals that she is the illegitimate child of the Queen of England ruined any semblance of enjoyment.

Readings says: “it’s easy to see why this modern French twist on the Cinderella story has become a bestseller. Fast paced and full of frank and funny assessments of personalities, this jaunty romp has got the lot: friendship, family, love, sex, parenting, sibling rivalry, success, celebrity, ageing and the age-old search for meaning.”