Entertainment Arts Rat leaves big impression on art world with tiny foot paintings

Rat leaves big impression on art world with tiny foot paintings

Darius the rat poses in front of his first watercolour painting, created in 2018. Photo: Tumblr
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Move over, Ratatouille.

Social media has been left captivated by the extraordinary body of watercolour paintings produced by a pint-sized virtuoso – Darius the rat.

The rodent’s owner, Norwegian animation student Amalie Markota Andersen, shared images displaying her pet’s handiwork to Twitter over the weekend, which have since generated thousands of interactions.

Each one of the abstract works were created exclusively by Darius, using only his feet, with his talents honed by his owner in 2018.

Darius’s talents were sought after by a feverish fandom. Photo: Amalie Markota Andersen

According to Ms Andersen, each mini painting took roughly 10 minutes to complete.

“When I had Darius, I got a non-toxic watercolour set, dipped his lil hands and feet in it and just let him walk back and forth on the paper until it started to look like something,” Andersen told Insider

However, it’s not the first time Darius has found internet fame.

His artistic flair first gained viral popularity on microblogging website Tumblr two years ago, with followers constantly enamoured by the progress he made on his multicoloured masterpieces.


The feverish internet fandom grew so strong, the rat was even commissioned to produce a handful of works for devotees.

“I do regret selling the original a little bit,” Andersen said.

“But it also makes me very happy thinking that his works are out there somewhere, hopefully still intact and well.”

For those hopeful of obtaining one of Darius’ works, unfortunately, his colourful life was short lived, with the rat passing away earlier this year.