Entertainment Arts What happens when an IKEA painting is displayed in an art museum?

What happens when an IKEA painting is displayed in an art museum?

Lifehunters place cheap IKEA painting into art museum
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A cheap IKEA painting was put on display at the Museum Arnhem in the Netherlands by a group of Dutch internet pranksters, who asked art aficionados for their opinions on the work by ‘Ike Andrews’ – a surreal piece that shows a spider mounting a whale.

The team of jokers known as ‘LifeHunters’ spoke to visitors of the museum about what they thought of the artwork – which cost about $10 and was from the IKEA’s ‘Street Art Collection’.

One visitor described the artist as a man who could ‘put all of his emotions’ in a painting, while another said he would pay 2.5 million euros ($2.6 million) for the ‘surreal’ piece.

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“This work is by Ike Andrews, have you ever heard of him?” LifeHunter’s Boris Lange asks an unsuspecting art lover.

“The name does sound familiar,” he responds.

“Dear me, it’s unbelievable,” says another museum visitor admiring the work.

Other comments include: “It’s a depiction of the chaos in his mind”, “You can clearly see that it concerns a form of symbolism” and “It includes nostalgic attributes”.

Boris then goes on to show the visitors other ‘works’ by the same artist.

Their faces are priceless when he finally tells them where the painting actually comes from.

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