Entertainment Celebrity doppelgangers: Dwayne ‘The Cop’ Johnson and Scarlett Johansson

Celebrity doppelgangers: Dwayne ‘The Cop’ Johnson and Scarlett Johansson

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Have you ever been approached by a stranger who mistook you for someone they know?

Those exchanges can be awkward. You have no idea who this person is, but they must know who you are because they clearly recognise you.

Once the confusion is cleared up, and you realise they thought you were someone else, the polite response is something along the lines of, “I’ll take that as a compliment”.

The concept of a doppelganger harks back to German folklore. In the original telling, everyone had an identical second self.

According to a 2015 study by the University of Adelaide, though, the chances of finding two people who share exactly the same facial features is about “one in a trillion”.

But while an exact replica may be difficult to track down, the internet and celebrity culture provide us with almost mirror image strangers.

Patrol Lieutenant Eric Fields from Alabama recently went viral for sharing a likeness with Hollywood A-Lister Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office posted a photo of Lieutenant Fields to its Facebook page and the responses came thick and fast.

Facebook users were impressed, with the post garnering more than 1000 comments.

“Is this The Rock’s twin?” one user asked.

“He is identical!” another wrote.

It seems the officer is well aware of the resemblance and is even comfortable taking photos with fans on behalf of The Jungle Cruise star.

The Sheriff’s office posted a photo of the officer with a Walmart worker who had asked him for a meet and greet.

But others said Lieutenant Fields looked more like The Rock and fellow The Fate of the Furious star Vin Diesel “had a baby”.

And he agrees.

“I’m a bit of a cross between The Rock and Vin Diesel,” Lieutenant Fields told Rick Karle of WVTM 13.

“Remember, The Rock is six foot four, 260 pounds (118 kilograms), and I’m only six foot two, 230 pounds (104 kilograms). There is a big difference between the two of us.”

He told news outlet AL.com he takes the comparison as a compliment.

“I go along with it. It’s humorous. It’s flattering. It could be worse people, I guess,” he said.

In a single week, TikTok user @chandlerelyse received more than 370,000 likes on a video she posted of Lieutenant Fields.

“Look at him! You cannot tell me that is not Mr Dwayne,” she says in the clip.

“So Dwayne The Rock Johnson, if you see this, I found your twin and he is in Alabama.”

Another TikTok user, meanwhile, has shot to fame for an uncanny impersonation of American actor Scarlett Johansson.

Russian influencer Ekaterina Shumskaya has broken 8.8 million followers on the platform and is the spitting image of the Black Widow star.

Can you tell these two apart? The real Johansson is on the left. Photo: Getty/TikTok

While it’s fun to find ‘normal’ people who look strikingly similar to somebody famous, there are also celebrities getting mixed up for each other.

Singer Katy Perry and actor Zooey Deschanel get it so often that Perry’s 2020 film clip for Not the End of the World plays up their similarities.

In the video, Deschanel is abducted by aliens who mistake her for Perry.

“No, no, no. Sorry – misunderstanding,” the New Girl star tells her blue kidnappers who continue chanting “Katy! Katy! Katy!”

It’s worse for Pirates of the Caribbean star Keira Knightley. She gets mistaken for multiple people.

In a 2014 interview with Irish chat show host Graham Norton, the British actor said she felt sorry for Natalie Portman, because when fans think she is Portman they chase her down.

“It’s happened like five times where someone’s been like, ‘Natalie! Natalie! Natalie!’ And I’ll sign and take a picture as Natalie,” Knightley said.

On The Late Late Show in 2018, Knightley told host James Corden she had also been “chased through a park” by a fan who thought she was Kate Winslet.

She’s also been confused for Rachel Weisz. But most surprisingly, Knightley said she had taken a photo with someone who thought she was Britney Spears.

In case you’re looking for something to do, here are some other famous faces that are hard to tell apart.

Emma Corrin and Jodie Foster; Bryce Dallas Howard and Jessica Chastain; Rob Lowe and Ian Somerhalder; Selma Blair and Kris Jenner.

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