Entertainment Is this the best thing on the internet? The drone footage that has bowled over Hollywood

Is this the best thing on the internet? The drone footage that has bowled over Hollywood

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A skilled drone pilot has captured a video clip in a humble bowling alley that has wowed some of Hollywood’s biggest names.

The video, titled Right Up Our Alley, was filmed and produced by Rally Studios and has been dubbed ‘jaw-dropping’ by film industry greats.

Filmed in a single take, the 87-second ad for Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis takes viewers on a wild ride.

Anthony Jaska (left) and Jay Christensen filmed the advert for the alley. Photo: AAP

The visual masterpiece begins outside across the street, then swoops through the open doors and past the late night crowd hanging around the bowling alley.

Those with travel sickness, beware! The vision follows a ball down the laneway before tilting up and soaring around the venue, through legs and past body parts in a dizzying display.

Squeezing through tight spaces to scope out what goes on behind the scenes in the back compartment, the knowledge that no visual effects were used seems incredulous.

After an adventurous cruise through the cabaret theatre, we swing by the bar to pick up on the movie quip conversation of bowlers – cheekily quoting The Big Lebowski.

After sailing through what felt like every nook and cranny, the single shot ends with a crash.

Amazing and Innovative

Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood retweeted the video with a two-word comment – one of which was an expletive.

The technically difficult clip has made a huge impression on social media and has gained the attention of film industry giants.

Guardians of the Galaxy directer James Gun called the video “stupendous”, before extending what looked to be a job offer via Twitter.

“I want them to come with us to London later this year when we shoot Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,” Gun tweeted.

Drone pilot Jay Christensen responded casually to the accolades.

“What’s up James. I shot this,” he wrote.

Academy Award winning director Lee Unkrich, of Coco and Toy Story 3, called it “one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen”.

“Jaw on the floor,” he tweeted.

Meanwhile Todd Vaziri, a visual effects artist who has worked on Marvel, Star Wars, Star Trek, Transformers and Avatar was equally impressed.

“This kind of wonderful photographic innovation adds to the language and vocabulary of cinema. Just beautiful.” he tweeted.

American journalist David Sirota was one of thousands to retweet the footage, calling it “the coolest thing on the internet”.

Anthony Jaska, who directed the advert, said many were sceptical that the video was really shot in just a single take.

“It is a true one-take,” Mr Jaska said.

“There’s no CGI. That was kind of interesting. But also the positive nature of it – people seeing the skill that it takes and the unique ability it takes to combine the skill of an amazing pilot, the technology of a drone, and the story that can actually be told through a one-take.”

The studio said it took about 10 to 12 attempts and about two hours before they nailed it.

You can watch the full video in HD here.