Entertainment Ghislaine Maxwell’s secret husband pens bail bid amid claims he helped hide her wealth

Ghislaine Maxwell’s secret husband pens bail bid amid claims he helped hide her wealth

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Ghislaine Maxwell’s secret husband has penned a letter pleading with an American federal judge to accept her $US28.5 million ($A37.8 million) package, amid reports she transferred him the bulk of her fortune.

Tech chief executive Scott Borgerson, who quietly wed Maxwell in 2016, sang his imprisoned wife’s praises.

“I have never witnessed anything close to inappropriate with Ghislaine,” Mr Borgerson wrote in a letter attached to the bail application.

“Quite to the contrary, the Ghislaine I know is a wonderful and loving person.”

Mr Borgerson, 44, has agreed to co-sign a $US22.5 million ($A29.8 million) bond that equals the couple’s entire net worth in an attempt to have Ms Maxwell freed from the federal prison she is being housed in.

Some of Ms Maxwell’s close friends and family members have contributed another $US5 million worth of bonds, while her security company has posted a further $US1 million.

Mr Borgerson’s letter came amid claims the two tied the knot in an attempt to protect Ms Maxwell’s fortune from her and Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers.

The bail application claimed Ms Maxwell was worth about $20.5 million in 2015, but that she had “transferred the majority of her assets into a trust controlled by her spouse”.

Upon her arrest, she declared assets of just $US3.8 million.

Maxwell’s hidden husband

The “ferocious media aggression”, Mr Borgerson claimed, was the reason he chose to remain in the shadows throughout Ms Maxwell’s highly publicised legal battles.

“It is hard to communicate in words the feeling of being stalked, spied upon and trapped by constant, 24/7 media intrusion,” he wrote.

Maxwell may have hidden her wealth by transferring it to her husband. Photo: Getty 

Mr Borgerson claimed Ms Maxwell, who has been accused of procuring girls as young as 14 for convicted paedophile Epstein, was not involved in the sex trafficking operation.

“I believe that Ghislaine had nothing to do with Epstein’s crimes.”

Ms Maxwell is also step-mother to Mr Borgerson’s two young children, a 13-year-old son and a 10-year-old daughter, who have reportedly been taken out of school.

“Scott is devastated and so are his children because Ghislaine has been their proxy mother,” Ms Maxwell’s representative, Brian Basham, told The Daily Mail. 

“They had been living in perfect harmony until this broke. I’m told Scott’s kids have had to be taken out of school because of all the attention”.

Ms Maxwell’s bail application comes amid further allegations surrounding Prince Andrew’s involvement in Epstein’s paedophile ring.

The new claims suggest the Duke of York “tore up longstanding official travel arrangements” with Buckingham Palace, and delayed a family holiday to attend an “orgy” involving nine girls.

Prince Andrew is alleged to have pushed back plans with now ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, and their daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, to travel to Little ST James – otherwise known as Epstein’s private Paedophile Island.

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