Entertainment No daggy Zoom calls: How the Emmys will bring us a touch of glamour

No daggy Zoom calls: How the Emmys will bring us a touch of glamour

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The Emmys are right around the corner, giving fans mourning the postponement of many of this year’s awards ceremonies something to look forward to.

Taking note of the triumphs of the VMAs, the Emmys will take place at a number of different locations on September 20, but don’t expect any low-quality video conferences from our favourite stars.

Executives are reportedly ditching Zoom and Skype in favour of professional camera equipment that will be sent to the houses of each nominee.

Discussions about how exactly the winners will receive their awards are reportedly still under way – an early pitch was to have drivers on call to dash off to the lucky stars’ residences.

This idea was scrapped after it was quickly pointed out not all nominees live in Los Angeles. Plus, many may not feel comfortable with drivers arriving at their homes mid-pandemic.

Although details about presenters and performers remain scarce, the areas that have been confirmed are the main location of the stage, and the host.

This year, Jimmy Kimmel is getting a third crack at is hosting gig, and will do so from the Staples Centre in Los Angeles.

The stadium, however, will be empty, meaning that Kimmel will have his work cut out for him in terms of creating an awards show atmosphere.

Reginald Hudlin, one of the executive producers behind the Emmy Awards, said the Staples Centre was chosen for a reason.

“This show will need an unbelievable number of wiring connections in and out, because the nominees are not going to be there,” Hudlin told Variety.

“So we’re going to take cameras to where they are. And the number of feeds that that requires is so massive that we need a facility like the Staples Centre, which is used to having that much signal from reporters covering sports to handle the kind of in[puts] and outputs that it requires.”

Hopefully the Emmys also take note of the VMA failures and forgo the canned applause and green screen crowds.

Mr Hudlin said Kimmel’s experience working live on his talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, made him an ideal candidate.

“Jimmy loves to work live, and we love to work live,” Hudlin said.

“This is a show that will still very much be, whenever and however possible, a live show.

“There’s a lot of challenges that come with doing a live show in a COVID environment. But we’re not running from those problems, we’re embracing them.”

We covered the July nominations here, but the shows tipped to win big are Eugene and son Dan Levy’s sitcom Schitt’s Creek, and drama Succession.