Entertainment We just want to be Normal People: From retro bikes to fashionable fringes

We just want to be Normal People: From retro bikes to fashionable fringes

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There is something about Stan’s latest binge-worthy indie drama Normal People that has had an undeniable effect on viewers since it first graced our screens in late April.

Whether we were transfixed by the gut-wrenching tale of two lovers who just couldn’t seem to get it right, or the plentiful raunchy and intimate sex scenes – this show proves that the devil is in the details.

First, there was the infamous silver chain worn by the painfully shy yet devastatingly handsome Connell (Paul Mescal) that spawned its own Instagram page.

Just two days after the show aired in Australia, eBay reported a 209 per cent increase in demand for silver chains.

Suffice to say, people were hooked.

Now, it seems audiences are looking at other ways to incorporate tiny touches of the show into their daily lives.

Marianne’s chic, choppy fringe (arguably the third lead in the series) has become the next focus for fans looking to spice up their style.

Viewers, who by this stage have already endured many weeks of isolation, are hacking away at their hair in an attempt to recreate the effortless allure of Daisy Edgar-Jones’ trendy tresses.

And if you were ever naive enough to doubt the power of the fringe, just remember that it, too, has inspired its own Instagram – along with articles in Vogue and Vanity Fair

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Normal People hair designer Sandra Kelly told Vogue that everyone should have a fringe moment, encouraging viewers to give it a shot.

“A fringe can be so good but they’re hard to do … but I do believe everyone should have a fringe at one time in their life,” Ms Kelly said.

But before you race to the bathroom mirror, kitchen scissors in hand, there are some other trends that have seen a resurgence since the show aired that require slightly less commitment.

The classic cable-knit jumper has also seen somewhat of a revival, thanks to Normal People – and just in time for winter.

With an enviable knitwear collection, brooding and beautiful Marianne breathed new life into this snug style.

Paul Mescal Daisy Edgar-Jones
Jump start your winter wardrobe with a classic cable-knit. Photo: Element Pictures / imdb

Camilla and Marc designer Camilla Freeman-Topper said cable-knit jumpers are a wardrobe staple.

“There’s an undeniable luxury in wearing an oversize cable-knit in wool, cashmere or cotton blends – it’s a refined, casual look that is … a building block of any wardrobe,” Ms Freeman-Topper told The Sydney Morning Herald.

Marianne has also had a hand in reinvigorating the Chic Lady On a Bike trend – aka the CLOB.

Picture a vintage, 1950s-style bike that may or may not be pastel.

The rider is definitely a beautiful woman wearing a retro sundress and tennis shoes.

And while bike sales everywhere have surged during the pandemic, it’s the hipster classic in particular that has experienced the biggest spike.

Rhys Dillon, manager of Reid Cycles in Newtown, Sydney, said his store had sold double the number of vintage bikes between March and May than it did last year.

“That’s kind of our bread and butter at the moment. They’re flying out the door,” Mr Dillon said.

“Usually, they’re our best seller, but the amount of demand we’ve had during the COVID crisis has been insane.”